My Hero Academia: Does Deku’s New Quirk Make Him Like One Piece Luffy?

Does Deku’s New Quirk Make Him Like One Piece Luffy

Deku’s seventh Quirk is vaguely reminiscent of One Piece’s Luffy and his Gear changes. Here’s how the two powers compare to each other.

My Hero Academia Chapter 368, “Rev Up, One For All,” finally revealed Deku’s seventh Quirk, Transmission. Not only that but the Quirk was revealed to have several stages referred to as “gears.” For a lot of manga readers, this concept of gear changes as an ability is vaguely reminiscent of One Piece.

Deku’s Transmission Quirk sounds similar to Monkey D Luffy’s Gear changes. As for how close these two abilities actually are to each other, that’s going to require a closer look. If more connections pop up, fans can start saying that the two techniques are alike.

How Does Deku’s Transmission Work

The main power of transmission is to change a target’s speed when touched. In Deku’s case, this allows him to get multiple hits on a target as they’re moving in slow motion. In this sense, the Quirk acts as a boost to the user’s attack and speed.

On top of this, Transmission comes with multiple Gear Shifts. Deku can invoke Second Gear, Third Gear, Top Gear, and Overdrive. Apparently, he can adjust his gear based on how much power he needs.

The big drawback of Transmission is the cost of its use. Once activated, the Quirk will only last for five minutes; after those five minutes, Deku won’t be able to fight anymore. Thus, he has to save the Quirk for a last resort, or at least expect to end the fight within the allotted time.

How Do Luffy’s Gears Work?

Luffy from One Piece using second gear

Luffy’s Gears are meant to serve as enhancers to his natural abilities. By focusing his power on different parts of his body like blood, bones, and muscles, he can achieve different effects. He uses these Gears to improve his speed, offense, or even defense as the situation calls for them.

Luffy’s Gears come in various forms that achieve different feats. Gear Two increases his circulation, which in turn increases his speed. Gear Three lets him inflate different parts of his body to improve his offensive force. Gear Four coats him in Armament Haki and has different specialties based on the form he takes; Bound Man gives him an overwhelming offensive force; Tankman absorbs damage and redirects it; Snakeman extends his reach and speed. In Gear Five, his ultimate form, he awakens the true power of his Devil Fruit and invokes cartoon physics. He’ll change his form to suit his needs.

Unfortunately for Luffy, his Gear changes can be fairly taxing. If he uses Gear Two for too long, the high blood pressure will damage him from within and shorten his lifespan. Gear Three used to shrink his body down to a minute size. Gear Four, if used for too long, can leave him exhausted and unable to move or use Haki for 10 minutes. Gear Five left him unconscious for days and, on top of that, the form may be having an adverse effect on his mind. Luffy has to be certain he can win with a Gear if he’s planning on using it.

Are Deku’s Transmission and Luffy’s Gears Really Similar?

deku from my hero academia and luffy from one piece

Gears and Transmission are fundamentally different abilities. Gears are about enhancing the inherent capabilities of the user. Transmission is about slowing down a target; improving the rest of the user’s ability to effect the target is more of a byproduct of this. One ability is a stat booster, and the other is a debuffer.

What does make them similar is their stages. If the user’s base form counts as “Gear One,” then their power gives them a total of five gears with the fifth being their best. This is where most fans are making the comparison, and they’re right to do so.

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Both techniques can also have similar drawbacks. They each have a limited amount of time for which they can be used. Afterward, the user is left worn out and powerless. Because of this, these techniques have to be used either sparingly or with certainty that one can win with them.

To say that Deku’s Transmission is like Luffy’s Gears, even jokingly, wouldn’t be wrong. They may do different things, but they still have enough similarities that make them comparable. With that said, if someone really wanted to liken Transmission to a One Piece power, they may want to consider Foxy’s Slow-Slow Fruit.

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