One DCEU Justice League Member Completely Rejects the League for Another Team

One DCEU Justice League Member Completely Rejects the League for Another Team

Warning: Spoilers for Cyborg #5!


  • Cyborg prefers being a Titan over being a member of the Justice League, viewing his kinship with the Titans as extra than simply friendship.
  • Cyborg believes that the Titans are all on equal footing and there’s no want for him to attempt to slot in, in contrast to with the Justice League.
  • The excellence between the Titans and the Justice League is that the Titans are seen as precise mates exterior their missions, whereas the Justice League are extra like co-workers.

One member of the Justice League truly prefers being part of the Titans. Largely because of his time within the DCEU, some audiences could extra carefully affiliate Cyborg with being a member of the Justice League. Nonetheless, in DC Comics canon, he appears way more content material with being a Titan.

Cyborg expresses how he differentiates the 2 in Cyborg #5 by Morgan Hampton, Tom Raney, Travis Mercer, Michael Atiyeh, and Rob Leigh. Cyborg has confirmed to be a outstanding teammate of each the Justice League and the Titans, having joined each instances at totally different levels in his life. Nonetheless, he thinks each groups have sufficient variations as an example why he prefers one over the opposite.

He claims that there is not “making an attempt to slot in” with the Titans and that they are “all on equal footing.” This can be a enormous declare for one of many DCEU’s most outstanding Justice Leage members.


Cyborg’s Excessive Inhuman Type Reveals His Heartbreaking Worst Concern

Cyborg faces his final worry when the Titans are hit by Insomnia’s Nightmare Wave and Vic Stone’s humanity is taken away from him for good.

Cyborg Would Moderately Be a Titan than a Justice League Member

Comic book panels: a circle of fist-bumping hands, all characters wearing different superhero costumes.

Going into Cyborg #5, town of Detroit, Michigan is being attacked by a bevy of supervillains suddenly, together with Gizmo, Mammoth, See-Extra, Atlas (a Teen Titans villain who was simply launched into official DC canon), Billy Quite a few, and Jinx. Native superhero Cyborg is nowhere to be discovered, till the web page cuts to Titans Tower, the place Cyborg seems via a portal to ask his mates for assist.

That is precisely why he opts to get the Titans’ assist and why Cyborg prefers being a Titan: he views his kinship with the Titans as greater than a easy friendship. He says the distinction between being within the Titans and being within the Justice League is that one staff — the Titans — is “greater than household, if that is even potential.” The problem itself exhibits the fan-favorite staff going to bat and to battle for the traditional Titans member Cyborg, who has been a staple of the staff lengthy earlier than he was ever a Justice League member. There isn’t any different staff that Cyborg would somewhat run into battle with than the Titans, as a result of they’re the one super-team who make him really feel like his full and greatest self.

The Actual Distinction Between Titans and Justice League

Comic book panel: costumed superheroes fight a colorful array of villains.

This is not the primary time that such a distinction has been made between the 2 DC groups. A previous team-up between the Justice League and Titans uncovered how the latter view one another as precise mates exterior their missions, whereas the previous aren’t any totally different from precise co-workers. That does not essentially imply that one staff is healthier than the opposite, nevertheless it does clarify why somebody could really feel nearer to at least one than the opposite. As somebody with expertise on each groups, it’s comprehensible why Cyborg could really feel nearer to the buddies he is made within the Titans than he does with the Justice League.

Cyborg #5 is obtainable now from DC Comics.

CYBORG #5 (2023)

Cyborg 5 Main Cover: Costumed superheroes and villains prepare to fight each other.
  • Author: Morgan Hampton
  • Artist: Tom Raney, Travis Mercer
  • Colorist: Michael Atiyeh
  • Letterer: Rob Leigh
  • Cowl Artist: Edwin Galmon

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