One Piece Follows the Adventures of The Straw Hat Pirates

One Piece follows the adventures of the Straw Hat Pirates, which is led and based by Emperor Monkey D. Luffy. Luffy had at all times needed to be a pirate ever since he was a baby. He bonds with Shanks and his merry crew, because the Purple Hair Pirates make Cocoyashi Village their headquarters. Luffy admires the pirates a lot that he requests to hitch them numerous instances. Sadly for him, Shanks will not be keen on taking youngsters on harmful voyages, although that does not cease the younger boy from persevering with to pester him. Nonetheless, if Shanks did conform to let Luffy be part of his crew, the world of One Piece can be a really totally different beast.

The Purple Hair Pirates is likely one of the most infamous pirate crews on the earth of One Piece. In spite of everything, it’s the pirate crew of one of many 4 Emperors. When Luffy first meets Shanks, the Purple Hair Pirates have already made a reputation for themselves not solely in Grand Line but additionally in New World. If Luffy did find yourself becoming a member of their adventures, their voyage would due to this fact undeniably be totally different from what the Straw Hat Pirates have taken. It could additionally change the whole story of One Piece as viewers comprehend it, assuming Luffy caught with the Purple Hair Pirates to the tip.

Luffy will not be solely the Straw Hat Pirates’ chief by identify. He begins his pirate adventures with none crewmates, solely recruiting his companions alongside the way in which. His recruitment, nevertheless, is not so simple as posting a public commercial. He goes up shut and private, creating a big effect on his crewmates’ lives. Luffy’s strategy of recruitment normally follows a sure sequence: he extends an invite, in some way helps the newfound character and at last re-extends the crew invite, although he typically skips step one and goes straight to the saving. If Luffy did find yourself becoming a member of the Purple Hair Pirates throughout his early years, then the remainder of the Straw Hats would have met unlucky endings.

That is true with a lot of the Straw Hats. If Luffy did not come alongside, Nami would most likely nonetheless be working for Arlong, and her complete village would have fought the Arlong Pirates and met their demise. Equally, Captain Kuro’s devious ploy would have succeeded with out Luffy and co.’s meddling. The Baratie would seemingly have met its finish as certainly one of Don Krieg’s unlucky vessels, and Brook would most likely be endlessly drifting the seas of the Florian Triangle. There may be additionally an excellent likelihood that Zoro would have fallen from Helmeppo’s fingers and Jimbei would have nonetheless been caught at Impel Down. The one crew members with comparatively good fates would most likely have been Robin and Franky. Crocodile would seemingly hold Robin to decipher different Poneglyphs, whereas Franky would proceed to be a ruffian at Water 7, assuming the World Authorities didn’t hunt him down.

To say that the Straw Hat Pirates have triggered a ruckus on the earth of One Piece is an understatement. They’re the principle purpose for quite a few shifts in energy stability among the many main forces reigning over the seas. Even through the collection’ earlier days, Luffy and the gang are already taking out Warlords. Crocodile and his Baroque Works are the primary to fall sufferer to the Straw Hats’ meddling. Luffy and co. then proceed to take down Gecko Moria and Donquixote Doflamingo. They do not cease with simply the Warlords. As they sail additional into New World, the Straw Hats mess with and take down Emperors. They not solely escape Massive Mother’s Entire Cake Island but additionally take her down together with Kaido in Wano Nation.

If Luffy turned a part of the Purple Hair Pirates early on within the story, none of this could have occurred. With out the Straw Hat Pirates’ intervention, the Warlords would have had an extended reign. Crocodile, Moria and Doflamingo would seemingly proceed to do their bidding, and even when the World Authorities determined to abolish the system down the road, they’re greater than able to defending themselves. Whereas Blackbeard’s rise to Emperor degree is arguably inevitable, Kaido and Massive Mother would each nonetheless be within the race to grow to be the Pirate King if not for Luffy. In spite of everything, neither Child nor Legislation has an opportunity of beating both of the Emperors. They might both be killed or taken underneath Massive Mother or Kaido’s command, like what occurred to the opposite members of the Worst Era.

Most of Luffy’s level-ups happen both throughout a battle or when he’s attempting to avoid wasting his comrades. He’s solely capable of attain his present degree after quite a few life-and-death battles. If he had joined the Purple Hair Pirates early on, it stands to purpose that he would not expertise the identical battles he does within the canon One Piece. Nonetheless, that does not point out that Luffy can be any weaker. If he had joined the Purple Hair Pirates at a younger age, he would have had the chance to study from Shanks and grow to be stronger.

Becoming a member of the Purple Hair Pirates would not change the truth that the Satan Fruit Luffy has is the Human-Human Fruit, Mannequin: Nika, and it is solely a matter of time till Luffy would awaken its powers. Nonetheless, provided that Luffy would have joined the Purple Hair Pirates as a child, his Awakening might have occurred sooner than the current timeline. Having one other Emperor-level pirate working underneath him would simply make Shanks essentially the most possible candidate to grow to be the Pirate King. At that time, solely alliances between Emperors or the whole Marine pressure might probably cease them.

Moreover, as a member of the Purple Hair Pirates, Luffy can be in a powerful place to make priceless alliances. Since Shanks would have already accepted a baby into his pirate crew, he would seemingly proceed to take action, even when it is simply to let Luffy have firm. Luffy might then slowly type and lead his personal brigade crusing underneath the Purple Hair Pirates’ Jolly Roger, much like how Ace was the Whitebeard Pirates’ second-division commander.

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