Only One Bleach Movie is Actually Series Canon

Only One Bleach Movie is Actually Series Canon


  • Bleach: Reminiscences of No person, the primary film within the sequence, stands out as the solely canon film because it introduces a preferred character, Senna, who additionally seems in different Bleach media.
  • The ultimate scene of Reminiscences of No person means that Senna nonetheless exists within the Bleach universe, and a filler episode of the anime confirms this with a short look of a lady who resembles Senna.
  • There’s proof that the film is canon to the manga, as a location created for the film is talked about within the manga and the manga’s creator recommends followers to observe the film for extra data.

It may be troublesome for followers to find out what’s canon and what is not in terms of anime films from a sequence, and Bleach is not any exception. Whereas it’s normal for widespread anime sequence to get films, they’re not often canon to the primary story. Whereas this enables the films to inform unique tales with out the burden of continuity, it might typically go away the films feeling inconsequential. Nevertheless, one Bleach film transcended this debate and have become canon, all as a result of an simply missed background shot.

The primary Bleach film, Bleach: Reminiscences of No person, is without doubt one of the extra widespread movies within the sequence, telling a reasonably small and centered story centered on one new character specifically, Senna. Whereas Senna is not actually round anymore by the tip of the movie, she proved surprisingly widespread, happening to seem in Bleach video games and different media.

Senna proved so widespread, the truth is, that she could have gotten the whole film canonized, at the least so far as the anime is anxious.

Bleach: Reminiscences of No person Would possibly Be Bleach’s Solely Canon Film

Bleach: Senna's appearance in the movie and cameo in episode 204.

The ultimate scene of Reminiscences of No person has Ichigo catch a ribbon that is floating previous within the wind, which reminds him of one thing, though he cannot fairly bear in mind what. Then he sees a lady who appears similar to Senna run by, smiles, and the movie ends. Ichigo’s recollections could also be altered in a roundabout way, but it surely’s clear that Senna wasn’t completely forgotten. It additionally establishes that an individual who strongly resembles Senna nonetheless exists. In a filler episode of the anime, particularly episode 204, Ichigo is sitting at a restaurant together with his pals. A shot of Ichigo exhibits a lady behind him with hair an identical to Senna‘s all through the movie, together with the yellow ribbon she initially had. It is solely on-screen for a second, however for anybody who’s seen the movie, there is no doubt: that is Senna.

There’s proof that the movie is canon to the manga as effectively. In chapter 627, Ichigo mentions having handed via an space often known as the Kyogoku earlier than. Followers of the film could higher acknowledge the translated time period: The Valley of Screams. The Valley of Screams was created for the film and was solely later talked about within the manga, and Ichigo has by no means had something to do with that place outdoors the movie, so it should be the occasions of the movie that he is referencing. Tite Kubo even left an creator’s observe on the finish of the chapter, recommending followers curious in regards to the Kyogoku to take a look at the primary film. If that is not robust sufficient proof of the movie’s canonicity, then nothing could be.

Although it is perhaps a great factor that many anime spinoff films are firmly non-canon, that does not imply that making a film canon cannot have its personal advantages. Arguments over canon can typically come down to private desire, however at the least on this case, the reality is fairly clear-cut. Bleach‘s beloved first film is certainly canon, and it appears that evidently Senna’s lookalike has gone on to steer a fortunately peaceable life.

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