Payday 3 Has No Health Regen, Armor and Enemy Types Detailed in New Dev Diary

Payday 3 Has No Health Regen, Armor and Enemy Types Detailed in New Dev Diary

In a latest developer diary, Payday 3 developer Starbreeze Studios revealed the completely different problem choices within the co-op heist shooter. Regular mode is for these moving into the sport for the primary time, whereas Overkill is “brutal” and “unfair.” It additionally supplied new particulars on armor and the way it works. Test it out beneath.

Armor (together with different issues) impacts your weight, making you quicker or slower. It’s made from shards, and as you are taking harm, it breaks down. Cling again, and it’ll recuperate, but when it goes away, it’s gone till you utilize an Armor Bag (which works like Payday 2’s Medic Bag). There is no such thing as a well being regen, so armor is your greatest wager for defense.

That’s till you struggle enemies who can pierce armor. Enemies fall into three classes. The SWAT and Heavy SWAT items are frequent. The unusual sorts embody the Defend and Sniper, after which you could have Specials just like the Bulldozer. The dozer has new strikes, just like the bull rush, to deal with and immobilize a participant. Get too shut, and he’ll kick you.

There are additionally new enemies just like the Nader, who makes use of fuel grenades (which trigger harm over time to well being and disable sprinting) and flashbangs. The Zapper makes use of a stun, and whilst you can struggle again, failing to do will lead to full immobilization. Cloakers sport two nightstick bracers and may soften deployable objects.

Common SWAT members may even transfer behind Defend items and shoot the participant from cowl. After all, gamers can concentrate on coping with completely different threats. If you wish to create a construct that rapidly dispatches dozers, go for it, however your teammates want to have the ability to deal with different threats.

Payday 3 is out on September twenty first for Xbox Collection X/S, PS5 and PC. Keep tuned for extra particulars within the meantime.

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