Remnant 2 Guide – All Traits, The Best Choices and Where to Find Them

Remnant 2 Guide – All Traits, The Best Choices and Where to Find Them

Gunfire Video games’ Remnant 2 affords some ways for gamers to realize energy, whether or not it’s the brand new Archetype system conferring totally different perks and Expertise or the abundance of weapons, Mods and Mutators. Don’t low cost the Traits, although, which make a return from Remnant: From the Ashes.

Traits are bonuses to passive stats like injury discount, well being, Stamina, well being regeneration, talent cooldowns, and so on. You stage them up with Trait Factors, discovered all through the assorted worlds, however Archetypes even have distinctive Traits value leveling them up for.

Keep in mind to experiment with totally different Traits, particularly since you possibly can converse to Wallace to refund Trait Factors with Orbs of Undoing (which price three Lumenite Crystals and a pair of,500 Scrap every).

Let’s have a look at the entire Traits within the recreation, beginning with the Core Traits.

All Traits

Core Traits

These are your beginning Traits and supply will increase to primary stats.


Will increase your max well being by +30 at stage 10.


Will increase your max Stamina by +30 at stage 10.


Reduces Ability Cooldowns, maxing out at 20 p.c lowered cooldowns at stage 10.


Mod Energy era is elevated by 20 p.c on the max stage.

Archetype Traits

Archetype Traits are unique to every Archetype, and obtainable as quickly as you unlock that Archetype. They stage up robotically because the Archetype Stage will increase, so that you don’t want to take a position Trait Factors (however you possibly can nonetheless achieve this if you need). When an Archetype is absolutely leveled, their Trait can be utilized with any construct. Nonetheless, you continue to want to take a position Trait Factors to activate them and reap the advantages.

Listed below are all of the Archetype Traits in Remnant 2:

Ammo Reserves

Ammo reserves are elevated by 50 p.c at stage 10, permitting you to hold extra ammo. It’s the Gunslinger’s unique Trait and will increase robotically with the Archetype’s stage.


Pleasant hearth injury dealt and acquired is lowered by 80 p.c at max stage. It’s the Handler’s unique Trait.


Motion pace is elevated by 15 p.c at stage 10. It’s the Explorer’s unique Trait.


Therapeutic supplied by Weapon Mods is elevated by 50 p.c on the max stage. It’s the Medic’s unique Trait.


Ultimate vary for a weapon is elevated by six meters when absolutely maxed out. It’s the Hunter’s unique Trait.


Consumable period is elevated by one hundred pc at stage 10. It’s the Alchemist’s unique Trait.


Well being regeneration is elevated by 1.5 seconds at max stage. It’s the Summoner’s unique Trait.

Sturdy Again

Encumbrance is lowered by 10 when absolutely upgraded. It’s the Champion’s unique Trait.

Common Traits

These are Traits which you uncover by taking part in the sport, both by defeating bosses or talking to totally different NPCs.


The realm of impact measurement for assaults is elevated by 50 p.c at stage 10. Unlocked after finishing the Horde-style occasion within the Labyrinth.

Arcane Strike

Mod Energy generated from melee injury will increase by 50 p.c at stage 10. Unlocked after defeating a World Boss in Yaesha.

Blood Bond

When maxed out, your Summons take up 10 p.c of harm acquired by the participant. Unlocked by defeating the Root Nexus in Yaesha.


Gray well being regeneration is elevated by 3.0 per second at stage 10. Converse to Meidra in Yaesha, and select solutions that assist the Ravager to get the Ravager’s Eye and this Trait.


Evade distance is elevated by 30 p.c at max stage. Unlocked in N’Erud after finishing the Vault of the Formless.


When absolutely leveled up, motion pace whereas aiming is elevated by 50 p.c. Unlocked in N’Erud at Terminus Station after finishing the practice occasion.


Utilizing consumables and relics is 30 p.c sooner when this Trait is at max stage.

Dealing with

Weapon Unfold and Recoil is lowered by 40 p.c at stage 10. Unlocked after finishing a Horde-style occasion on Root Earth.


Stamina regeneration is elevated by 30 per second at max stage. Unlocked in Losomn in Cotton’s Kiln. When venturing exterior, convey the lone baby you discover again to the lady spinning yarn (she’s in a home with a number of different youngsters).


When absolutely upgraded, Aura Measurement is elevated by 50 p.c.


Reviving pace is elevated by 50 p.c at stage 10. It additionally permits gamers to be revived sooner on the identical fee. Unlocked by reviving teammates in multiplayer.


Archetype Summons achieve one hundred pc elevated well being at max stage.


It grants 20 p.c injury resistance to elemental standing results at stage 10. Unlocked in Losomn within the Butcher’s Quarter after finishing the burning man occasion.


Lifesteal is elevated by three p.c when absolutely leveled. Unlocked after finishing the Dormant N’Erudian Facility on N’Erud.


Will increase traversal pace when vaulting, climbing ladders and wading by means of water by 50 p.c when absolutely maxed. Unlocked after defeating a Horde Boss on Root Earth.


Obtained from Meidra in Yaesha, offers as much as 10 p.c injury discount at stage 10. Select solutions that assist Doe to get the Doe’s Present, thus offering this Trait.


Obtained from defeating the ultimate boss. Grants as much as 15 p.c bonus XP at stage 10. It’s a should when replaying ranges, rerolling in Journey Mode or the Marketing campaign, and leveling up alternate lessons.

Really useful Traits

It’s really useful to max out every Archetype to take full benefit of their unique Traits, particularly since they’re obtainable completely when maxed out. If you happen to’re beginning the sport, Ammo Reserves from the Gunslinger and Triage from the Medic are superb. Whereas taking part in by means of the primary time, Vigor, Endurance, Experience and Spirit are all good decisions. Barkskin, Footwork, Health, Restoration and Siphoner are additionally ultimate.

After ending the Marketing campaign as soon as, max out the Scholar Trait instantly for that XP bonus. As soon as your construct has turn out to be extra outlined, you possibly can prioritize sure Traits.

Ranged gamers can go for Dealing with, Footwork, Barkskin, Siphoner, Spirit and Experience (should you’re reliant on Expertise), however Endurance can be good. If you happen to’re coping with explosives and Weapon Mods that deal area-of-effect injury, Amplitude can be good. Longshot can be good for capturing enemies with a Coach Gun from absurd ranges.

Melee gamers ought to think about Endurance (since melee strikes eat Stamina), Vigor, Barkskin, Health, Restoration, Siphoner, Regrowth, Shadeskin and Arcane Strike. There are a number of choices right here, however the vital factor is to have some toughness and Stamina restoration because you’re so up shut.

Sturdy Again can be good because it permits for equipping heavier armor with out struggling the penalties of Encumbrance. Bloodstream will increase gray well being regeneration, which is nice in particular set-ups.

Remnant 2 is obtainable for Xbox Sequence X/S, PS5 and PC. Take a look at our evaluation right here, the place we scored it an 8 out of 10.

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