Rian Johnson’s ‘Glass Onion’ Explores Greed As The Driving Force And The Dooming Curse

Rian Johnson’s ‘Glass Onion’ Explores Greed As The Driving Force And The Dooming Curse

Only a few darkish attributes of mankind could be traced again to their unlucky origins. One can’t actually be anticipated to place their finger on the precise time human beings started feeling jealousy, greed, starvation for energy, and even one thing as acquainted because the urge to be remembered. However even within the daunting confusion of all of it, one reality stays steadfast. Jealousy, greed, determined ambition, and fervour for fame haven’t solely developed with the creatures they hang-out but additionally discovered a strategy to merge collectively into one colossal demon that afflicts those that fall prey to its charms. Rian Johnson has supplied up his homicide thriller, “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Thriller,” to seek out and unmask that very demon that’s ever related within the quick world that prioritizes glamor over essence. “Glass Onion” doesn’t waste time spoon-feeding its viewers with any rationalization as to why greed makes its festering internet in some folks’s hearts. We hardly want an evidence because the inhabitants of the planet that at present runs–because it has for a very long time–on a coked-up rush of instantaneous and hole success. However is it the simple achievability of random bursts of success that really empowers greed? Or is the illness allowed to unfold due to our personal foibles, which make us the clapping kids in a clown present of unworthy fame?

This present day, success, each financial and social, hardly cares about substance. An individual’s or a model’s rise could be as ridiculously random because the hype round them. And when ambition and greed drive an individual who doesn’t actually have something significant or compelling to supply, the hollowness displays itself by way of their preposterous ego and the tasteless manifestations of wealth. The first protagonist of “Glass Onion,” tech billionaire Miles Bron, is the spitting picture of a greed-infected ego. All we hear are his narcissistic monologues about what he has achieved. However what has he actually achieved to earn the quantity of affect and cash that he now holds? Each demonstration of his offbeat fashion of dwelling comes as a chucklesome reminder that none of that got here out of his personal thoughts. The intricate puzzles that have been despatched to the invitees have been undoubtedly intriguing. However we all know that he paid somebody to design it.

Even the homicide thriller sport that took Benoit Blanc a second to resolve didn’t come from Bron’s mind. His saddest, and albeit, tackiest, show of wealth was the Glass Onion itself. What should’ve price him a fortune was hardly a murals. The picture that Bron needed to create of himself was desperately clinging to the record of issues he thought he wanted to test off. He wore Zuckerberg-esque garments that, at the least on the “motivational” social media memes, come off as an indication of “actual success.” However how he actually noticed himself got here out starkly within the insecure Wolverine-like portray of himself that he held on his wall. Extreme grandeur is, in essence, an expression of veiled self-doubt. And self-doubt blended with rabid ambition is a recipe for an explosive catastrophe (pun supposed). Whereas I’m not taking something away from the damaging repercussions of greed for wealth, when the greed for fame is empowered by bottomless wealth, it poses the type of menace that may trigger worldwide disasters. If Bron hadn’t been stopped, his hydrogen gas would have wrecked tens of millions of lives on its path. 

Granted, fame and success don’t come straightforward. However in a world that scarcely has its bar excessive sufficient to reject the posers, one hardly has to actually work arduous for arbitrary achievements. What “Glass Onion” predominantly communicates is the unhappy state of mankind, which permits unchecked greed and ambition to camouflage a scarcity of self-awareness, the non-existence of any expertise by any means, and blatant mediocrity. What permits mediocrity to flourish is our starvation for fixed stimulation. Dominated by the limitless want for distractions (which we are able to hardly be blamed for), we give consideration to absolutely anything. And like Duke’s mind-numbingly silly and sexist vlogs, which have been all the craze, terrible content material makes cash each day, not solely as a result of it caters to a selected problematic demographic but additionally as a result of even “hate-watching” is a type of consideration that works in its favor.

Duke’s girlfriend Whiskey is the prime instance of how greed for recognition and making a reputation could make even a wise individual trash their very own values and morals. Not less than Birdie has all the time been obtuse sufficient to cross off as a dumb movie star who rose as quick as she fell. However the hazard of ignorant celebrities’ affect is simply as formidable as the hazards posed by intentional evil. Relevance was all Birdie was grasping for. She neither had the emotional capacity nor the mental capability to care about what she wrecked on her path. How scary is it {that a} movie star with a vogue line doesn’t even know what a sweatshop is? And most significantly, how scary is it that although Birdie is fictional (thank heavens), we’ve got numerous celebrities and influencers who’re simply as dense? Greed permits greed. But it surely isn’t fairly so simple as provide and demand. Whereas we crave and devour vapid leisure, the demand is intricately and shrewdly created by the individuals who acquire from greed, taking up the lives of customers and producers. We’re all however cogs within the machine that runs on extortion and plentiful manipulation.

What’s actually intriguing about Johnson’s writing of Miles Bron is that he’s, in a way, a personality who might be perceived in a different way by totally different folks. And there lies the bigger commentary on what actually makes an individual like Bron attain the heights he has managed to achieve. Though he’s pushed by the greed for making an enduring mark on society, his drive continues to be one thing that can resonate with the enablers of vainglorious ambition. If we are able to nonetheless discover folks celebrating the likes of Elon Musk, it wouldn’t be too arduous to search out somebody who sees Bron’s lunacy as actual genius. It wasn’t simply cash that backed Bron’s harmful impulses; the individuals who acknowledged the hazards of them however nonetheless selected to validate them for their very own acquire have been maybe much more accountable for his horrifying eccentricities being sped up. Lionel and Claire’s greed overpowered their want to do the precise factor. If it wasn’t for Helen going out of her strategy to be a thorn in Bron’s damaging path, Lionel and Claire’s approval would have created a fair longer chain of chaos that might have affected the whole world. Helen was the movie’s method of recognizing the efforts of the selfless heroes who cease the demons of greed to one of the best of their skills.

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