Sabine’s Link To Bo-Katan & The Darksaber Explained

Sabine’s Link To Bo-Katan & The Darksaber Explained


  • Sabine’s Mandalorian roots are an essential a part of her character, and she or he has robust ties to each Bo-Katan Kryze and the Darksaber. She realized the methods of the Jedi from Ahsoka Tano and in addition how one can wield the Darksaber from Kanan Jarrus.
  • Sabine discovered the Darksaber on Dathomir and used it in her mission to free Mandalore from Imperial rule. She later gave the blade to Bo-Katan as a result of she believed Kryze was higher suited to steer the Mandalorians, and in addition felt responsible about her involvement with the Empire.
  • Sabine and Bo-Katan have had comparable journeys of redemption, each being referred to as to steer Mandalore from the Darksaber. They every used the blade to unite the Mandalorians and liberate the planet. Sabine, nonetheless, has remained much less linked to her individuals and planet than Bo-Katan.

Whereas Sabine serves as Ahsoka Tano’s Padawan learner in Ahsoka, she is intently linked to 2 important elements of Mandalorian historical past: Bo-Katan Kryze and the Darksaber. The most recent Star Wars sequence has seen Sabine studying the methods of the Jedi from Ahsoka, utilizing lots of the identical ideas she realized from Kanan Jarrus when he taught her how one can wield the Darksaber. For a lot of viewers, Sabine’s Jedi coaching comes as an enormous shock, given her robust Mandalorian roots.

Sabine’s Mandalorian heritage has outlined her since she debuted in Star Wars Rebels. The warrior’s household, Clan Wren, is even part of Home Vizsla, which makes her a possible descendent of the Mandalorian Jedi and Darksaber creator Tarre Vizsla. Her mom Ursa Wren was additionally a Nite Owl, the group of Mandalorians who battle beneath Bo-Katan’s command. It is sensible, then, that Sabine is linked to each Bo-Katan and the Darksaber, however her reference to every of them goes even deeper than simply household ties.

How Sabine Discovered The Darksaber

Sabine got here throughout the Darksaber on Dathomir after she and Kanan went on a mission to rescue Ezra Bridger from Darth Maul. The previous Sith Lord had saved the weapon with a set of antiques on the planet of the Nightsisters after he dominated Mandalore with the blade close to the tip of the Clone Wars. When Sabine discovered it, she held onto it, and finally Kanan educated her to make use of it. The Darksaber weighs heavy till a correct connection is made with it, which is why Sabine wanted the help of a Jedi to assist her discover a breakthrough. She went on to make use of it in her effort to free Mandalore from Imperial rule, the place she crossed paths with Bo-Katan Kryze. The traditional blade has acted as a catalyst for the 2 Mandalorians as they pursued freedom.

Why Sabine Gave The Darksaber To Bo-Katan (& Broke The Creed)

Bo-Katan wields the Darksaber in Star Wars Rebels.

Bo-Katan fought alongside Sabine to free Mandalore from the Empire, and Sabine gave the blade to her as a result of she thought Kryze was higher suited to the Mandalorian throne. The Darksaber has been a strong image of management amongst many Mandalorians, and whereas Sabine wielded it nicely, she did not sense the calling for her to proceed main her fellow individuals. This determination additionally needed to do with the guilt Sabine felt over the weapon she helped the Empire construct throughout her time on the Imperial Academy, which may disintegrate anybody carrying beskar armor. Although it was destroyed by the point she handed off the blade to Bo-Katan, Sabine continued to hold that heavy guilt along with her.

Sabine, then, felt much more unworthy to wield the Darksaber and lead her individuals, which is why she handed it to the heiress of the Mandalorian throne. As noble as this passing off from Sabine to Bo-Katan was, it additionally broke the long-standing rule of getting to defeat somebody in fight to earn the blade, one thing that might later deem Bo-Katan to be a “cautionary story” by some because the Darksaber put a curse on Mandalorians. The Darksaber has since performed an essential half for each of them of their private journeys.

Bo-Katan & Sabine Have Related Journeys Of Redemption

Din Djarin and Bo-Katan with the Darksaber in The Mandalorian season 3, episode 6.

A lot of the redemptive arc Sabine went on in these episodes of Rebels is much like Bo-Katan’s journey in The Mandalorian season 3. Each of them obtained the decision to steer Mandalore from the Darksaber and their friends, and so they every used the blade to carry the Mandalorians collectively to liberate the planet. Sabine felt she needed to earn redemption for creating the lethal weapon and turning her again on her household and folks, whereas Bo-Katan needed to earn hers for surrendering to Moff Gideon and making approach for the destruction of Mandalore through the Night time of a Thousand Tears. Bo-Katan performed the function in Sabine’s journey that Din Djarin did for her personal, serving because the right-hand ally whose help was very important to each their private journey and their general aim to liberate the world.

Whereas Sabine remains to be happy with her Mandalorian heritage and has clearly made some form of peace with herself about her previous, she nonetheless hasn’t remained as linked to her individuals and planet as Bo-Katan has. It may very nicely be that witnessing the destruction of Mandalore from afar made it too painful to return, or that dropping each Kanan and Ezra made Sabine as caught to the remainder of Star Wars Rebels’ Ghost crew and Lothal as attainable. Sabine may very nicely discover her approach again to Bo-Katan and Mandalore for a time after serving to Ahsoka and finishing her Jedi coaching, whether or not it’s simply after the occasions of Ahsoka and even past. Sabine will at all times have essential ties to her individuals’s historical past, irrespective of how distant she stays from the planet.

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