Sonic’s Most Chilling Villain Returns to Finish His Deadly Mission

Sonic’s Most Chilling Villain Returns to Finish His Deadly Mission

Warning: Spoilers for Sonic the Hedgehog #62A Sonic the Hedgehog villain who as soon as betrayed and murdered his teammates is now able that can enable him to extra readily end off his solely remaining foe, Whisper the Wolf. Whereas part of a staff often known as the Diamond Cutters, the murderer Mimic carried out a lethal assault that left almost the whole staff lifeless. This occasion fully traumatized Whisper to the purpose that her total character modified consequently. Now, Mimic’s present efforts even have the potential to destroy Sonic’s residence and headquarters from inside.



In Sonic the Hedgehog #62 by author Ian Flynn, artist Thomas Rothlisberger, colorist Leonardo Ito and letterer Shawn Lee, one other villain named Clutch offers Mimic the chance to infiltrate Sonic’s Restoration. The Restoration has been stopping Clutch from gaining Egg Tech whereas turning a revenue. Mimic initially turns down the provide, however finally agrees to take part as soon as Clutch informs him that Whisper and Tangle are a part of the Restoration. Whisper’s nemesis additionally learns that the duo are a part of a brand new vanguard known as the Diamond Cutters.

Mimic As soon as Pressured Whisper To Flee

Mimic has a bone to choose with Tangle along with Whisper as a result of the 2 of them had been chargeable for throwing him in jail within the Tangle & Whisper four-issue miniseries. That jail sentence was minimize brief when Mimic escaped in one other miniseries known as Unhealthy Guys. Regardless, Mimic has had his sights set on Whisper for for much longer since he nonetheless needs to complete the job he began when he killed everybody on their staff besides Whisper. It is an additional bonus that Tangle and Whisper’s new group can be known as the Diamond Cutters. To Mimic, killing them can be like murdering the unique Diamond Cutters once more.

Regardless of Tangle taking part in a task in Mimic’s seize, Whisper was so apprehensive about his obsession with killing her that she left the Restoration to guard her new pals. Nevertheless, although Whisper left the Restoration for their very own safety, she was keen to rejoin later. That is what has given Mimic a purpose to take part in Clutch’s mission, thus confirming Whisper’s best worry. And it is extra seemingly than not that Mimic will succeed on this endeavor as a result of he can rework and has already infiltrated the Restoration disguised as a brand new member.

Whisper Suffers From Some Main PTSD Due to Mimic

sonic the hedgehog whisper the wolf

Once more, Mimic does need revenge on Tangle in addition to Whisper for imprisoning him, however followers will seemingly be extra invested in how Whisper and her Wisps will react somewhat than Tangle. As a result of Mimic was a detailed pal, Whisper now understandably suffers from extreme belief points. This has naturally difficult her means to make and preserve pals, particularly those that are nearer to Whisper like Tangle. It is undoubtedly what fueled Whisper’s particularly emotional response when her Wisps had been stolen from her in a separate battle. These Wisps are the one different survivors of that first staff, and shedding them for good would positively devastate the poor wolf. It is the utter tragedy of Whisper’s previous that makes it so compelling that Sonic the Hedgehog‘s base of operations has already been infiltrated from inside.

Sonic the Hedgehog #62 is accessible from IDW Publishing.

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