Spike’s Best Endgame Romance Was [SPOILER], Not Buffy

Spike’s Best Endgame Romance Was [SPOILER], Not Buffy


  • Spike’s secret endgame romance with Dylan was lower brief earlier than it had an opportunity to totally develop, making it a missed alternative for him.
  • In contrast to his relationships with Buffy and Drusilla, Spike’s romance with Dylan allowed him to showcase a extra weak and delicate aspect of himself.
  • Whereas Spike did permit himself to be weak with Buffy, he was at his most weak with Dylan, who may have been an ideal match for him if she had accepted his vampire nature.

Spike had a secret endgame romance outdoors his love for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Audiences have argued for years whether or not Buffy’s finest romance was with Angel or Spike. However Spike’s finest romance might not have had the correct time to flourish earlier than it crumbled earlier than his very eyes.

The romance in query is unveiled in Spike: Into the Mild by James Marsters, Derlis Santacruz, Andy Owens, and Dan Jackson. The graphic novel takes place across the starting of the seventh season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Spike is doing a little soul-searching — proper after re-gaining his literal soul. It’s then that he meets Dylan, whom he saves from getting attacked in an alley. As he walks Dylan dwelling, they get higher acquainted and turn out to be naturally smitten with one another. They turn out to be shut sufficient that he even lets her name him William, a luxurious few characters have had within the franchise.

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Meet Dylan, Spike’s Secret Endgame Associate

The following night time, the would-be couple meet once more and wind up strolling by the streets all night time attending to know one another — although Spike intentionally leaves out the truth that he is a vampire. At dawn, the 2 share a romantic kiss on their second date. Nevertheless, the date and the graphic novel finish with the 2 working collectively to save lots of a heap of youngsters from a monster. It is then that Dylan discovers Spike is a vampire, and naturally, she runs off in horror.

What distinguishes Spike’s brief romance with Dylan from his extra notable relationships with Buffy and even Drusilla is that he will get to unveil his extra delicate aspect. Spike hadn’t actually leaned into that aspect of himself since he was first changed into a vampire. Dylan didn’t spend two romantic evenings with Spike as a lot as she spent them with William the Bloody. Since donning his Billy Idol persona, Spike all the time owned as much as fulfilling his extra rebellious, chaotic qualities. As such, each Drusilla and Buffy are most tasty to that aspect of Spike. In Buffy’s case, it was the bad-boy conduct that largely compelled her to begin her preliminary fling with Spike.

Spike Is Extra Weak with Dylan than with Buffy

Spike and Dylan kiss in Buffy the Vampire Slayer spinoff graphic novel

Whereas Spike does permit himself to be weak with Buffy on uncommon events — particularly after gaining his soul — he is at his most weak with Dylan. Even when he is not trustworthy about being a vampire, he embraces a extra delicate persona in his relationship with Dylan. As a lot as Spike desired Buffy, he wanted somebody to melt his newfound soul. Dylan fills that position all through this graphic novel. It is a disgrace that she could not get previous the entire vampire factor (or at the least being lied to about it) — but when she did get used to it, they could be good collectively. Sure, much more good than his union with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Take a look at Spike: Into the Mild, obtainable now from Darkish Horse Comics!

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