Star Trek Strange New Worlds Crossover Episode Ending Explained

Star Trek Strange New Worlds Crossover Episode Ending Explained

Warning: SPOILERS for Star Trek: Unusual New Worlds Season 2, Episode 7 – “These Previous Scientists”Star Trek: Unusual New Worlds‘ crossover episode with Star Trek: Decrease Decks ended with Ensigns Brad Boimler (Jack Quaid) and Beckett Mariner (Tawny Newsome) going again to the Twenty fourth century, however not earlier than the Decrease Deckers handle to show Captain Christopher Pike and the crew of the USS Enterprise some precious life classes. Directed by Jonathan Frakes and written by Kathryn Lyn and Invoice Wolkoff (with Decrease Decks creator Mike McMahan), Unusual New Worlds season 2, episode 7, “These Previous Scientists” was a hilarious and joyous celebration of Star Trek’s generations that vividly combined animation with live-action for giant laughs and genuinely touching moments.

The important difficulty of the Unusual New Worlds crossover episode was find out how to get Ensigns Boimler and Mariner again to the Twenty fourth century. Complicating issues was Orions stealing the time portal from Krulmuth-B that introduced the Decrease Deckers to the Twenty third century, in addition to the Enterprise missing the horonium wanted to energy the portal. In the meantime, Boimler and Mariner have been inadvertently wreaking havoc with their future data, particularly in regard to Lt. Spock (Ethan Peck), Quantity One (Rebecca Romijn), Ensign Nyota Uhura (Celia Rose Gooding), and Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount). However Star Trek: Decrease Decks‘ time vacationers did go dwelling, and this is how they did it and what it means for each reveals.

Captain Archer’s NX-01 Enterprise Is The Key To Mariner & Boimler Returning To The Future

The one supply of horonium the Enterprise had that might energy the time portal was used up when Mariner got here by means of the portal to rescue Boimler. This left two choices: a harmful try and synthesize horonium, which Spock and Boimler tried with explosive outcomes, or to discover a new supply. However whereas listening to Captain Pike’s reverence for Captain Jonathan Archer’s (Scott Bakula) NX-01 Enterprise, it was Boimler who realized Pike’s Enterprise was carrying a provide of horonium as a result of NX class ships have been made with horonium, and the Starfleet custom of recent ships being constructed with a bit of its predecessor means there was a few of Archer’s Enterprise hidden on Pike’s starship.

Unusual New Worlds’ Star Trek: Decrease Decks crossover contained heartwarming odes to Star Trek: Enterprise that have been appreciated. The ultimate Star Trek collection of the Rick Berman period is not typically referenced in live-action Star Trek on Paramount+ reveals, however Unusual New Worlds made up for misplaced time. Pike was whimsical that they do not make ships just like the NX-01 anymore, whereas Lt. Erica Ortegas (Melissa Navia) appeared as much as Travis Mayweather (Anthony Montgomery). After all, Uhura idolized Hoshi Sato (Linda Park), the NX-01 Enterprise’s Communications Officer who spoke 87 languages. It is becoming {that a} piece of Archer’s Enterprise helped Captain Pike rid his Enterprise of the well-meaning however chaotic time vacationers from the Twenty fourth century.

Decrease Decks’ Time Vacationers Started A Change In How Starfleet Sees Orions

Strange New Worlds Orions

The Orions who absconded with the time portal allowed Mariner and Boimler to make use of it to return to the long run. In cost, the Orions have been credited with ‘discovering’ the time portal, though technically the Enterprise bought to the planet Krulmuth-B first. However crucially, the Decrease Deckers helped start a brand new means for Twenty third-century Starfleet to see the Orions. In Captain Pike’s period, Orions are believed to be only a race of area pirates. Nonetheless, Orion tradition is wealthy and various, and Pike’s Enterprise really encountered an Orion science vessel, which Boimler identified since one in all his finest pals, Ensign D’Vana Tendi (Noel Wells), is Orion.

Because of Tendi, Star Trek: Decrease Decks has been telling a multi-season story concerning the range of Orion tradition. As Boimler tells Pike, in his Twenty fourth-century period, it is racist to solely confer with Orions as pirates. By sending Mariner and Boimler dwelling, the Orions get bragging rights about discovering the time portal, particularly Ensign Tendi’s great-grandmother, Astria Tendi, though Starfleet will nonetheless declare credit score for the Enterprise. However this peaceable negotiation between Pike and the Orions is one small step towards the long run seen in Star Trek: Decrease Decks.

Quantity One Is The Future Poster Lady For Starfleet

Number One Poster

Boimler appearing surprisingly towards Quantity One all through the Unusual New Worlds crossover episode left Commander Una Chin-Riley questioning if he is aware of one thing horrible about her future. Whereas it is a wink at how Star Trek has not established something canonical about Quantity One after Unusual New Worlds, the reality was really humorous and oddly touching: Quantity One (or “Numero Una” as she’s identified in Star Trek: Decrease Decks) is the literal “pin-up lady” for Starfleet. (Though “pin-up lady” does not have the identical that means within the Twenty fourth century, going by Mariner’s confusion.)

Una is on Starfleet recruitment posters within the Twenty fourth century, together with the one Boimler hangs in his bunk on the USS Cerritos. Additional, Quantity One and her catchphrase, “Advert Astra Per Aspera,” are what impressed Boimler to affix Starfleet. The Cerritos’ First Officer, Commander Jack Ransom (Jerry O’Connell), can also be a fan of “Numero Una,” the “hottest First Officer in Starfleet,” which is a wickedly sly nod to how O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn are married (and each Quantity Ones) in actual life.

Captain Pike Learns A Lesson Thanks To Mariner & Boimler

Captain Pike Crossover

Captain Pike caught wind that Boimler instructed the Enterprise crew when Chris’ birthday is and that they have been planning a shock celebration. To Mariner and Boimler’s shock, Pike instructed them that he is aware of about his way forward for being horribly disfigured by delta-rays, which implies the Twenty fourth century does not discover out that Pike gained foreknowledge throughout Star Trek: Discovery season 2. Pike additionally confessed that he was estranged from his father, however he deliberate to take a trip on his birthday to reminisce about his dad.

Boimler made Pike understand that there are individuals on this Enterprise crew who would need they’d an opportunity to spend time with Pike after he is gone the way in which Chris needs to together with his father. Pike then determined to cancel his fishing journey to go to his shock celebration on the Enterprise. Amusingly, Pike was disarmed by Boimler’s hero worship of him, together with how Brad dressed up because the Captain for Halloween. Whereas Pike needed to maintain Boimler at a distance, he discovered himself liking the purple-haired Ensign who clearly meant nicely and was very free with compliments towards Captain Pike.

Boimler’s Hints About Spock’s Future Might Have an effect on Spock’s Relationship With Chapel


Going by Boimler’s utter confusion at Spock sometimes smiling and laughing, phrase that the Science Officer of Unusual New Worlds experimented together with his humanity throughout this period does not make it to the Twenty fourth century. Spock’s legend because the logical, unflappable, Vulcan hero is unbroken sooner or later. Boimler fearful that Spock was appearing oddly, and he handed on his misery to Nurse Christine Chapel (Jess Bush). The data that Spock and Chapel had “a factor” could have made it to the Twenty fourth century, however Christine was dismayed that Boimler’s conduct indicated that no matter she has with Spock at the moment is not meant to final. Chapel even lamented that she by no means thought she’d get to “affect” Spock endlessly.

Spock and Chapel haven’t had a easy romance since they kissed and confessed their mutual emotions on the finish of Unusual New Worlds season 2, episode 5, “Charades.” Uncertainty about how “messy” their relationship is troubles Christine, which in flip troubles Spock. Boimler inadvertently gave Spock and Chapel extra foreknowledge about their futures than they wanted or needed. Christine now is aware of that she’s not prominently talked about in any of the books Boimler examine Spock, and this might negatively impression Spock and Nurse Chapel’s romance going ahead.

Everybody In Starfleet Is A Fan Of Their Heroes

Boimler and Mariner Thumbs Up

The underlying theme of Unusual New Worlds’ crossover with Star Trek: Decrease Decks is that everybody is, primarily, a fan of Star Trek, and that is an excellent factor. Boimler’s hero worship of the Enterprise and the “golden age of exploration” ended up serving to them clear up the dilemma of find out how to ship the Decrease Deckers again dwelling to the Twenty fourth century. It is also heartwarming to know that Pike and his crew are followers of Captain Archer’s NX-01 Enterprise the way in which Boimler is a fan of Pike’s Enterprise.

Typically assembly your heroes is usually a dangerous factor, however in Mariner’s case, she was really capable of assist Uhura. Mariner’s imaginative and prescient of Uhura is the “unflappable, translating badass” performed by Nichelle Nichols in Star Trek: The Authentic Collection, however the 22-year-old Ensign Uhura of Unusual New Worlds is a workaholic who cannot calm down and is years away from the Uhura she’s going to turn into. Mariner taking Uhura and Ortegas to the Port Galley and introducing them to a drink referred to as Orion Hurricanes loosed Nyota up considerably, and Erica quickly found the way in which to get Uhura to calm down is to make enjoyable appear to be work. Fortunately, Mariner returned dwelling to the Twenty fourth century feeling like her idol, Uhura, is all the pieces she hoped for.

Unusual New Worlds’ Crossover Confirms Animated & Reside-Motion Star Trek Are The Identical Canonical Universe

Strange New World Animated

Unusual New Worlds’ crossover episode was bookended with animated sequences set in Star Trek: Decrease Decks‘ Twenty fourth century and aboard the USS Cerritos. However a pleasant shock was how the opening credit of Unusual New Worlds season 2, episode 7 have been animated within the Decrease Decks-style (full with the identical area monster from Decrease Decks‘ titles munching on the Enterprise’s nacelles), and the episode ends with an animated scene starring the Unusual New Worlds forged at Captain Pike’s celebration. This comes full with an in-joke that the Orion Hurricanes they have been ingesting made all the pieces appear “two-dimensional.”

The higher message of Unusual New Worlds’ animated sequences within the crossover episode is there is no such thing as a distinction between the animated and live-action Star Trek collection by way of canon. Reside-action or animated are merely the mediums of their reveals, however all of them exist in the identical universe. Mariner and Boimler returned to the Twenty fourth century of Star Trek’s Prime Timeline, not their very own animated actuality. Equally, Unusual New Worlds‘ forged being animated for a scene was simply that, however they’re the identical characters they’ve at all times been, and that second is canon as nicely. It is an extremely intelligent joke for Star Trek: Unusual New Worlds‘ crossover with Star Trek: Decrease Decks to exit on, marking the top of a monumental and really particular occasion in Star Trek historical past.

Star Trek: Unusual New Worlds and Star Trek: Decrease Decks can be found to stream on Paramount+.

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