Star Wars Confirms the Ancient Sith Saved the Galaxy from Something Way Worse

Star Wars Confirms the Ancient Sith Saved the Galaxy from Something Way Worse


  • Star WArs: Darkish Droids has revealed the Sith had beforehand defeated the unique Scourge virus, and saved the galaxy from its starvation.
  • The Scourge desires to ‘eat’ all the Star Wars galaxy, and take in or wipe out all different types of life.
  • The Sith might have to save lots of the galaxy once more by defeating the brand new type of the Scourge, which poses an excellent bigger risk.

Whereas the Sith would be the final villains of the Star Wars films, it seems that the galaxy owes its survival to the despicable Darkish Facet cult. An historic non secular order devoted to unfettered emotion and the acquisition of energy in any respect prices, the Sith’s energy has waxed and waned over the millennia, taking them from a significant galactic pressure to a near-mythical relic of the previous and again once more.

In Charles Soule, Luke Ross, Alex Sinclair, and Travis Lanham’s Star Wars: Darkish Droids #2, the brand new villain Scourge shares a few of its previous. Scourge is a brand new composite being created by the merging of two historic applied sciences. One is the Spark Everlasting, an historic synthetic intelligence designed to switch the Power, whereas the opposite is an unnamed viral consciousness which is pushed to always unfold and ‘eat’ new droids, including them to its hive thoughts as its main crucial. The 2 just lately mixed as a consequence of Woman Qi’ra’s try and overthrow the Sith, creating the newly born Scourge – a being with the identical voracious starvation, however now prolonged to organic life. Nevertheless, because the Scourge thinks again on its viral half’s origins, it reveals that the final time it ran wild, the Sith have been those to defeat it.

The Sith Stopped The Authentic Scourge from Spreading

As a way to entice and kill Palpatine, Qi’ra used a tool generally known as the Fermata Cage. The Darkish Facet expertise is actually a time jail, trapping its sufferer in a single suspended second, stretched out to eternity. Nevertheless, when the Fermata Cage opened, the one factor that fell out was a small, disc-shaped droid – a tool followers now know to have contained the final of the viral intelligence defeated by the Sith. Scourge reveals that the Sith initially beat it utilizing the Power, saving all the galaxy from its starvation.

By connecting to increasingly droids, Scourge is quickly rising its intelligence, however it now has entry to a lot info, it fears its sentience will finish us subtle amongst its many our bodies and minds, leaving it open to assault. The Scourge can not cease ‘consuming,’ and so its solely doable endgame is to soak up or wipe out all types of life apart from itself. As soon as that is achieved, it might probably discover its personal limitless mind with out coming to any hurt.

Scourge Desires to ‘Eat’ The Complete Star Wars Galaxy

star wars sith spark eternal

The opposite half of the Scourge – the Spark Everlasting – was additionally defeated by the Sith. Designed by the Ascendant cult – a gaggle of non-Power sensitives who wished to duplicate the Power by way of expertise – the AI was incomplete when Sith Darkseekers worn out its creators and locked it away, however was reawakened and gained a organic physique when it encountered the thief Chelli Lona Aphra. Whereas the Sith could also be self-serving, their non secular beliefs do venerate the Power, and on the top of their energy they despatched out cadres of Darkseekers to wipe out any risk to their beliefs and steal any helpful discoveries. Within the case of the Scourge, nonetheless, they appear to have judged each the unique virus and the Spark Everlasting too harmful, sealing them away somewhat than attempting to make use of them.

It is Time for the Sith to Save the Galaxy… Once more

darth vader scourge

The variety of Sith proven stopping the Spark Everlasting and the unique Scourge virus suggests these occasions occurred earlier than Darth Bane launched the Rule of Two round 1000 BBY – a millennium earlier than the prequel trilogy. Whereas the Sith have accomplished horrible issues, the Scourge makes it clear that its starvation will drive it to beat all different types of life, suggesting they really saved the galaxy by defeating it the primary time. Now, the Scourge is hoping to make use of the cyborg Darth Vader to unfold to natural life and management the Power.

If Vader is the one to defeat the Scourge’s new type, that may imply the Sith as soon as once more saved the galaxy from an excellent bigger risk – one which, in contrast to their very own cult, cannot be overthrown at a later date. It is even doable this is the reason the Power permits the Sith to exist, offering it with aggressive safety in opposition to existential threats. Regardless of the fact, Star Wars has confirmed that it was the traditional Sith who saved the galaxy from the Scourge virus earlier than, and that combating off this immense risk a second time is prone to fall on them as soon as once more.

Star Wars: Darkish Droids #2 is offered now from Marvel Comics.

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