Star Wars Fans React To Ahsoka Episode 6

Star Wars Fans React To Ahsoka Episode 6


  • Ahsoka episode 6 delivered long-awaited reunions from Star Wars Rebels, together with the emotional reunion between Sabine and Ezra that followers have been ready for since 2018. The episode lastly follows up on the unresolved plot level of Ezra and Thrawn’s disappearance.
  • The emotional response to seeing Sabine and Ezra reunite is comprehensible because of the size of time Ezra has been lacking and the shut bond they fashioned in Star Wars Rebels. Nevertheless, the looming risk of Thrawn provides a darkish shadow to the heartwarming second.
  • Ahsoka episode 6 not solely happy followers’ wishes for reunions but additionally constructed upon the specter of Thrawn that has been hanging over the sequence. The anticipation for the ultimate two episodes is heightened by the presence of this antagonist.

Ahsoka episode 6 included main moments for the sequence and Star Wars as a complete, prompting loads of emotional reactions from followers of the present on-line. Whereas a lot of Ahsoka episodes 1, 2, and three have been pretty easy relating to plot, episodes 4, 5, and 6 have been game-changing, to say the least. From episode 4’s cliffhanger ending involving Anakin Skywalker to episode 5’s journey by way of the World Between Worlds, Ahsoka‘s current installments have had no scarcity of mind-blowing moments for Star Wars followers to digest.

Ahsoka episode 6 was no stranger to this, delivering endlessly superb moments from the reimagining of George Lucas’ iconic “galaxy far, distant…” tagline to Ahsoka‘s retcons of Darth Maul’s planet Dathomir. What’s extra, is that Ahsoka episode 6 featured the long-awaited return of Star Wars Rebels‘ Grand Admiral Thrawn and Ezra Bridger. These two character inclusions elicited loads of emotional reactions from Star Wars followers, a lot of whom took to social media to share their ideas on Ahsoka episode 6’s universe-altering occasions.

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Star Wars fan KyloCool630 focuses on the reunion of two beloved Star Wars Rebels characters, Ezra Bridger and Sabine Wren. Provided that Sabine’s quest for Ezra was teased way back to 2018 and Rebels‘ end result, it is sensible that Star Wars followers would have a heightened emotional response to the characters’ Ahsoka episode 6 assembly.

This sentiment was solely echoed by bobreddit889, who shared a viral video stating that the emotional response to seeing Sabine and Ezra reunite was comparable in nature.

Provided that Ahsoka has been billed as Star Wars Rebels season 5, R10UTD highlighted the joy at seeing Thrawn and Ezra be translated to live-action Star Wars after their return in Ahsoka episode 6.

When in regards to the villainous Grand Admiral Thrawn in Ahsoka, IllegalCai famous the shared pleasure at seeing the live-action Chiss Imperial in Ahsoka episode 6. Equally, the promise of Thrawn’s fledgling military was highlighted which makes the Empire’s inevitable resurgence all of the extra threatening.

A typical consequence of Ahsoka‘s social media reactions has continued after Ahsoka episode 6, with OneTakeNews heaping reward on the present’s creator Dave Filoni after a 3rd straight episode followers take into account to be the head of Star Wars.

Other than the joy of seeing Sabine, Ezra, and Thrawn in Ahsoka episode 6, cap_rexofthe501 attracts consideration to the episode’s opening scene by which Star Wars‘ iconic tagline of “A very long time in the past in a galaxy far, distant…” receives in-universe context from Ahsoka’s trusty droid companion Huyang.

Lastly, baileysbadomens shares the wide-reaching pleasure at lastly seeing the remaining residing members of Star Wars Rebels in live-action. After Hera, Sabine, and Chopper’s appearances in Ahsoka‘s early episodes and The Mandalorian‘s cameo of Garazeb Orelios, Ezra Bridger was the one remaining Insurgent left to look in live-action, one thing which Ahsoka episode 6 willingly offered.

Ahsoka Episode 6 Delivered The Star Wars Rebels Reunions We would Been Ready For

As echoed by the multitude of reactions above, Ahsoka episode 6 actually delivered on the Star Wars Rebels reunions followers have been ready for since 2018. The disappearance of Ezra and Thrawn has lengthy been a Star Wars plot level many have wished to see resolved because the last episode of Rebels 5 years in the past, with Ahsoka episode 6 lastly following up on the promise. Not solely did the episode function a heartwarming reunion between Sabine and Ezra lengthy within the making, nevertheless it additionally delivered on the looming risk of Thrawn that has hung over Ahsoka‘s proceedings.

The reunion between Ezra and Sabine is clearly thrilling to Star Wars followers. The rationale for this stems from the size of time Ezra has been lacking but additionally the shut connection cast between the 2 in Star Wars Rebels. As such, the emotional response to seeing the duo reunite in Ahsoka episode 6 is totally cheap. That stated, the specter of Thrawn hangs like a shadow over the heartwarming second, a shadow which is simply fated to develop darker going into Ahsoka‘s last two episodes.

New episodes of Ahsoka launch each Tuesday at 6pm PT / 9pm ET on Disney+.

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