Star Wars: The Rise and Fall of Anakin Skywalker

The rise and fall of Anakin Skywalker is the inspiration of your complete Star Wars franchise. Anakin’s flip to the darkish side is what many Jedi Masters concern their apprentices could do. A great deal of films, books and comics emphasize gentle side clients battling this temptation.

Nonetheless there have been moreover Energy clients on the darkish side who modified their strategies as properly. Many Sith all by way of Star Wars canon and legends have been redeemed and turned to the sunshine.

Flint was a Sith Lord who educated beneath Darth Vader, whom he thought-about to be his surrogate father. Flint and Luke might have shared the an identical “father,” nevertheless moreover that they had comparable backstories. Every of Flint’s precise mom and father died. His father, Jedi Knight Flint Torul, was killed in the middle of the Clone Wars by Fundamental Grievous, nevertheless youthful Flint under no circumstances met him. Nonetheless, he was entranced by the considered turning right into a Jedi like his dad.

When Luke Skywalker visited his home planet, he was determined to vary into his apprentice. Nonetheless Luke rejected him, and this devastation, along with the heartbreak of dropping his mother shortly thereafter, triggered Flint to vary into bitter. In his state of despair, Vader found him. The Sith Lord sensed Flint’s innate power and equipped to educate him. Thus began Flint’s descent to the darkish side.

After years of Sith teaching, Flint turned to the sunshine. He acquired a chance to take revenge on Luke, as the two engaged in a vicious lightsaber duel that resulted in a stalemate. It was after this fight that Flint’s presumed-dead good pal confirmed up and happy him to indicate from his wicked strategies. This was enough to make Flint reject the darkish side, and he lived out the rest of his days on his home planet until he was killed by Lumiya, one amongst his earlier Sith Masters.

A Darkish Lord of the Sith and a member of the Darkish Council, Darth Sajar was very extremely efficient inside the Energy. He lastly turned a Sith Lord in the middle of the reign of the Sith Empire, nevertheless sooner than prolonged, he acquired right here concerned with a Jedi Grasp who helped him flip to the sunshine.

This Jedi was Grasp Tol Braga, a sage pacifist who desired peace. He had contacted many Sith in the middle of the Good Galactic Battle in an attempt to reconcile with out further violence. Sajar took good thing about this and lured Braga to the planet Dantooine, the place he alleged to kill him. The Sith Lord and the Jedi Grasp dueled for 3 days straight whereas debating both sides of the Energy, offering arguments for the darkish and lightweight, respectively. The battle lastly ended when Braga happy Sajar to remodel to the sunshine side and alter into his Padawan.

One different extremely efficient darkish side shopper in the middle of the Sith Empire was Kel’eth Ur. He studied as a Sith until he adopted the Jedi’s philosophy of the pursuit of peace, realizing that Sith have been dominated by concern. Ur then turned from the darkish side and realized the strategies of the sunshine, imparting his info to others. Nonetheless the Sith didn’t let him off so merely, and the Emperor lastly killed him for heresy.

Even all through his time as a Sith Lord, Darth Gravid confronted inside battle in completely committing to the darkish side. Glad that entire devotion to the strategies of the Sith might be his undoing, he tried to mix options of the sunshine side altruism and empathy into his observe.

Though conflicted by both sides of the Energy, Gravid was nonetheless devoted to destroying the Sith. He believed the one approach to guard their empire was to destroy all Sith artifacts, teachings and holocrons. Gravid thought that when this was executed, he can be able to persuade his buddies to change their strategies. He began destroying quite a few artifacts until his former apprentice, Darth Gean, arrived to stop him. They engaged in a battle whereby the earlier Sith was murdered.

Darth Revan is arguably in all probability essentially the most extremely efficient Jedi/Sith Lords inside the continuity and a character favored by many Star Wars followers. Although he was launched into the precept canon via a fast level out in Pablo Hidalgo’s Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: The Seen Dictionary, Revan’s backstory is established in Legends.

Revan had an arc identical to Anakin Skywalker’s, being that he adopted the sunshine side, then the darkish, then the sunshine as quickly as additional. He was found by the Jedi Order inside the Outer Rim territories and have change into Jedi Grasp Kreia’s Padawan. Revan displayed an insatiable hunger for info and shortly turned the Jedi’s most gifted pupil. His power solely grew as he aged, and he led many organizations and armies into battle. One such battle was the Mandalorian Wars, all through which he turned disenfranchised with the Jedi Order. Adopting the darkish side, he obliterated the chief of Mandalore, ending the wrestle.

Alongside collectively together with his once-Jedi good pal, Darth Malak, Darth Revan retreated to the Outer Rim the place he met Sith Lord Vitiate. Every fell beneath Vitiate’s ideas administration and have change into his apprentices. Finally, the pair broke free and created their very personal extremely efficient Sith Empire, waging wrestle on the Jedi and the Republic inside the Jedi Civil Battle. Revan nearly succeeded, nevertheless Malak turned on him, virtually killing him.

The Jedi saved him and took him once more to the Council, wiped his ideas, and retrained him as a Jedi to take down the Sith. Revan lastly tried to assassinate the Emperor, nevertheless failed and was killed. However, his skill and power inside the Energy granted him the ability to wage telepathic wrestle on the Sith for 300 years.

Dubbed the Chosen One due to his immense innate power inside the Energy, Anakin Skywalker educated as a Jedi beneath Obi-Wan Kenobi. He fought inside the Clone Wars and confirmed good promise as a pupil of the Order. However, he turned disenfranchised with the Jedi, and shortly fell beneath the have an effect on of Emperor Palpatine. The Sith Lord gave him the establish Darth Vader and despatched him to massacre the Jedi, ensuing within the reign of the Sith Empire over the galaxy.

However, the sunshine side of the Energy was nonetheless inside Vader. He served as a devoted Sith Lord for a number of years, until his son, Luke Skywalker, confronted him in Return of the Jedi. It was then that he denounced the darkish side and lived on as a Energy ghost.

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