Street Fighter 6 Guide – The Best Character Combos Recommendations

Street Fighter 6 Guide – The Best Character Combos Recommendations

Road Fighter 6 has eighteen characters to select from in its present roster, every of whom has an unlimited variety of combos to memorize. This Road Fighter 6 information outlines a single signature transfer you could depend on in virtually any struggle.



A Road Fighter traditional, Ryu’s Hadouken is what involves thoughts first every time iconic character combos come up in dialog. You’ll study this from Ryu instantly after changing into his pupil. A easy combo, when executed it shoots off a big electrical blue fireball.

Hundred Hand Slap


One other oldie however a goodie, that is the primary transfer realized from Edmond Honda after changing into his mentee. Unleash a livid flurry of open-handed slaps at an opponent, making for a fan-favorite multi-hit combo.

Electrical Thunder


Electrocution as a fight transfer has all the time been Blanka’s finest technique to maintain a ways from grabby opponents. It’s quick to drag off, and doesn’t telegraph an excessive amount of upfront of the top consequence.

Cannon Strike


After arriving on the apex of her soar, Cammy comes down like a missile with one leg configured like a spike. This telegraphs a good bit.

Mexican Hurricane


Squish your opponent’s head along with your struggle golf equipment, then swing round and catapult them into the air, earlier than smashing them again into the bottom.

Siberian Categorical


Shut the space on an opponent rapidly and seize them up on the knees earlier than somersaulting into air and smashing their head into the bottom.



Conjure a clone that may grapple your opponent earlier than exploding with Psycho Energy. Distance determines how a lot this transfer might be telegraphed.



This aerial punch is quick and efficient and doesn’t telegraph as a lot as Cammy’s Cannon Strike. The comparatively low soar transitions rapidly right into a punch configured like a spike.



A multi-kick transfer, it begins by sending your opponent airborne with a double kick, after which following up with one other kick whereas they’re nonetheless within the air.

Machine Gun Uppercut

Dee Jay

A counterpart to E. Honda’s Hundred Hand Slap, Dee Jay’s rapid-fire uppercuts will telegraph much more, however is rewarding within the harm it offers.

Yoga Lance


One among Dhalsim’s traditional strikes, this punch can attain opponents from mid-range and doesn’t telegraph a lot in any respect. The Yoga Lance can also be a superb transfer to deploy at aerial opponents.



A traditional energy uppercut transfer, Shoryuken’s energy is simple, particularly versus aerial opponents, bringing them again right down to earth.



This windmill transfer consists of a collection of kicks launching your opponent airborne, and juggling them there for lengthy sufficient to finish with a ultimate chill right down to earth.



Not likely an offensive transfer, Kimberly’s Dash is beneficial for closing the space on an opponent. Different strikes will be carried out in the midst of Dash.

Somersault Kick


A wonderful counter to aerial opponents, Somersault Kick consists of a reverse somersault throughout which a full drive kick is delivered in your opponent.

Spinning Fowl Kick


Chun-Li’s signature transfer that goes method again, this kick-based transfer does in depth harm. Chun-Li helicopters her legs, delivering a number of kicks on her opponent all whereas the other way up.

Arrow Kick


An anti-air transfer deployable in opposition to jump-based assaults, Arrow Kick begins low from ground-level, earlier than following up with extra kicks as you each ascend upwards into the air.



A distance-closing non-offensive transfer, Avenger can be utilized at the side of Luke’s different strikes throughout its period.

These are the very best combos for every of Road Fighter 6’s present roster of characters.

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