Tears of the Kingdom – Best Weapons and Their Locations, and Best Fuse Combos

Tears of the Kingdom – Best Weapons and Their Locations, and Best Fuse Combos

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has an array of weapons accessible, some extra highly effective than others. With the addition of Fuse, it’s doable to make them stronger and imbue varied results. This could result in some superior weapon combos, not counting the completely different weapon properties.

What are one of the best choices, and what are you able to Fuse to make them even stronger? Earlier than that, bear in mind: Weapon Assault Energy isn’t the be-all, end-all when in fight. Like in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, preparation is essential. Cook dinner meals and Elixirs, and search armor that will increase your assault to realize an edge and unlock highly effective set bonuses.

Additionally, there are tons of various supplies which may work nice when fused with weapons. Don’t be afraid to experiment with no matter you discover, from supplies dropped by the dragons (which bestow elemental results) to the Flux Assemble supplies, which enhance assault and sturdiness.

With out additional ado, listed below are a few of the finest weapons within the recreation.

Grasp Sword + Mild Dragon Supplies

This one is clear – it’s the Grasp Sword, the Hero’s weapon. Nonetheless, it turns into unavailable for a lot of the recreation after the prologue.

To get it, you’ll want to discover the Mild Dragon, and the easiest way to do this is by progressing by means of the story. A quest, “Recovering the Hero’s Sword,” might be given, the place monitoring its location on the map turns into simpler.

You’ll nonetheless have to improve your Stamina to 2 wheels to drag the Grasp Sword from its head. Full Shrines and acquire Blessings of Mild to make that occur, or a minimum of respec from Coronary heart Containers into Stamina. Bear in mind that you could receive it earlier, even when discovering the Mild Dragon takes some doing. It wanders across the map, however attempt hanging across the Nice Sky Island with a Zonai Glider, able to go. For extra ideas, try our information right here.

The Grasp Sword features very similar to in Breath of the Wild. It solely has 30 Assault Energy however doesn’t break. It runs out of power and requires 10 minutes to recharge earlier than it’s usable once more. It additionally grants double harm when going through Gloom-afflicted foes or bosses like Phantom Ganon. You can even fireplace beams by holding down the button to throw the weapon.

One of the best supplies to Fuse with the Grasp Sword are, unsurprisingly, the Mild Dragon’s elements. The Shard of Mild Dragon’s Fang (from hanging its mouth) and the Mild Dragon’s Horn (from capturing or hitting its horns) grant 16 and 20 Fuse Assault Energy, respectively. Mild Dragon supplies even have a particular impact the place dealing harm will replenish your well being. Mixed with the Grasp Sword’s beams, which depend on having full Coronary heart Containers, you possibly can successfully preserve attacking foes at vary and preserve your well being topped as much as keep the impact.

In fact, you would additionally Fuse a Diamond, which has a Fuse Assault Energy of 25, although the fabric is kind of uncommon. You’ll discover it within the Royal Hidden Passage in Hyrule Citadel, which is straightforward to entry when you unlock the Lookout Touchdown Skyview Tower and have the Paraglider. It’s additionally situated in sure Shrines like Yomizuk Shrine, Sihajog Shrine and Jochi-ihiga Shrine, and be obtained from chests, slaying Talus or Battle Talus, ore nodes (although it’s a uncommon drop), and extra.

Scimitar of the Seven + Lynel Horns

The Scimitar of the Seven is a Gerudo weapon and is rewarded upon finishing a quest. First, you’ll want to full “Riju of Gerudo City” after which the “Lacking Proprietor,” which requires venturing into the desert and saving Isha from Molduga. After saving her, she’ll provide to make a weapon as a part of the “Delight of the Gerudo” quest.

You’ll want to supply 4 Diamonds, 10 Flint, and a Gerudo Scimitar or Gerudo Protect (discovered all through the desert in chests, particularly those who LikeLikes have). Give these to Isha, and he or she’ll craft the Scimitar of the Seven, which has 28 Assault Energy. Nonetheless, it additionally doubles the facility of the fabric fused to it.

So the easiest way to reap the benefits of that is to fuse Lynel supplies, like White-Maned Lynel Mace Horns, which have an Assault Energy of 40. You’ll find the White-Maned Lynel within the Faron Grasslands Depths or Central Hyrule Depths. Fuse it with the Scimitar of the Seven to double its Fuse Assault Energy to 80, making a 108 Assault Energy weapon.

The opposite possibility is a Silver Lynel Saber Horn, which is even harder to acquire since you’ll want to slay a Silver Lynel. It’s present in Deep Akkala, Tabantha Frontier, Gerudo Highlands and West Hyrule Plains. You can even discover it within the Floating Coliseum within the Depths however should take down 4 different Lynels. Head right here for tips about doing so.

The payoff is price it because it has 55 Fuse Assault Energy, the very best within the recreation. Fuse it with the Scimitar of the Seven to double its Fuse Assault Energy to 110 and create a 138 Assault Energy weapon. Since you need to use a defend for extra protection, that is in all probability one of the best (and most easy) offensive possibility.

If the weapon breaks, you possibly can craft one other one with the identical supplies, although this may get costly.

Lightscale Trident + Lynel Horns

The Lightscale Trident was utilized by Mipha, Champion of the Zora, and may be yours after ending the hunt, “Sidon of the Zora.” Go to Dento in Zora’s Area. He’s a blacksmith who can craft the weapon however will want three Diamonds, 5 Flint and a Zora Spear, which ought to be discovered simply sufficient within the area. Ship the supplies to get the Lightscale Trident, which has 22 Assault Energy.

Nonetheless, its harm can double if Hyperlink is moist, which is straightforward sufficient to do with Sidon’s skill. You can even put down a Zonai Hydrant and hit to be continually drenched, retaining the impact going so long as your Zonai Vitality Cell lasts. In fact, the double harm applies to supplies fused with the weapon. As soon as once more, you’ll wish to Fuse supplies just like the White-Maned Lynel Mace Horn and Silver Lynel Saber Horn for some top-tier harm.

Whereas it’s cheaper to craft the Lightscale Trident over the Scimitar of the Seven, it’s extra situational, and you can also’t preserve your defend up always (although you’ve longer attain). However, it’s a stable choice to have.

Gloom Sword

The Gloom Sword is a peculiar weapon with 41 Assault Energy. Pretty excessive, and when fused with Lynel Supplies, just like the Silver Lynel Saber Horn, it could go as much as 96 Assault Energy. Nonetheless, utilizing it is going to drain your well being, breaking your Coronary heart Container just like the Gloom.

There are methods to mitigate this, although, like equipping Gloom-resistant armor, consuming meals that present the impact or fusing supplies from the Mild Dragon, which can barely heal you with every strike. The previous is preferable if you wish to go along with the next Assault Energy when, say, going through bosses. The latter is right for taking out common enemies.

How do you get it? By combating Phantom Ganon. It’s first fought in a quest to save lots of the Nice Deku Tree. Nonetheless, for those who battle Gloom Arms, which may seem within the Akkala Citadel Ruins and Nice Hyrule Forest Depths, Phantom Ganon can spawn, and the Gloom Sword can drop.

Royal Guard’s Claymore

The Royal Guard’s Claymore is the premise for a few of the highest damaging weapons within the recreation. It has 32 Assault Energy (which fits increased when discovering the Pristine model), however its passive skill, Breaking Level, will enhance that harm when the weapon is near breaking. Due to its low sturdiness, you possibly can rapidly get that profit and keep it for a number of swings earlier than it shatters.

The important thing right here is that this is applicable to any fused supplies as nicely. Fuse the Silver Lynel Saber Horn for a whopping 87 Assault Energy, which is successfully doubled when the weapon is near breaking. You may take this even additional by equipping armor that enhances the assault of bone weapons (just like the Evil Spirit set), consuming meals that enhance harm and fusing materials like Molduga’s Jaw (from slaying it within the Gerudo desert) to the Royal Guard’s Claymore when it’s near breaking.

All of this can stack for some insane harm output, and it was nice for farm Lynels because the weapon wouldn’t break when mounting them. Nonetheless, others have said that that is not the case. The subsequent best choice is to apply it to Flurry Rush because you’ll have a protracted window to get a number of hits. Dodge with a daily weapon, and earlier than the Flurry Rush begins, rapidly swap to the Royal Guard’s Claymore + Molduga’s Jaw. If the jaw breaks earlier than the weapon, fuse one other bone materials and preserve going.

If a extra conventional harm set-up sounds higher, equip armor that will increase your Assault Energy just like the Barbarian set, eat a meal rising your harm, fuse a Silver Lynel Saber Horn to the Royal Guard’s Claymore, and apply it to a Flurry Rush. It’s not as loopy, however the harm output is stable, and the Saber Horn received’t break earlier than the weapon does.

The Royal Guard’s Claymore is within the Hyrule Citadel Sanctum. Fly there utilizing Lookout Touchdown’s Skyview Tower and the Paraglider, and discover the sanctum on the primary ground to seek out it. You’ll wish to do that early on because the fortress will swarm with enemies because the story progresses.

Royal Guard’s Spear + Lynel Horns

The Royal Guard’s Spear follows the identical precept because the Royal Guard’s Sword. It can deal an immense quantity of injury simply earlier than it breaks. With an Assault Energy of 15 (which may be increased when discovering a Pristine model), fusing a White-Maned Lynel Mace Horn or Silver Lynel Saber Horn will enhance its whole Assault Energy to 55 and 70, respectively.

When near breaking, that harm is successfully doubled. The play right here is to hit an enemy a couple of occasions earlier than it shatters after which throw it. Why? As a result of thrown weapons deal considerably extra harm, the Royal Guard’s Spear is right for throwing (bonus factors for those who get one with elevated distance thrown). Should you’re prepared to sacrifice away some prime supplies for the sake of some fast burst harm, it’s nicely price doing.

The Royal Guard’s Spear is in Hyrule Citadel, like different Royal Guard weapons.

Savage Lynel Bow

Melee weapons aren’t the one option to go in Tears of the Kingdom. Bows are way more potent this time since you possibly can fuse supplies to every arrow for elemental results, added harm, and extra. In fact, for those who’re going for one of the best bow, definitely, it’s the Savage Lynel Bow, identical to in Breath of the Wild.

Whereas its Assault Energy is “solely” 32, which continues to be fairly good, it fires three arrows. This enables for as much as 96 harm if all of them hit the identical goal. That’s solely doable when near an enemy, however mix this with head pictures and fused arrows, and also you’ll whittle down their well being very quickly. One other resolution is to make use of Keese Eyeball-fused arrows, although it’s a raffle whether or not they’ll land on the identical goal.

Enjoyable reality: Should you discover a Rock Octorok and feed it a Savage Lynel Bow, it is going to spit out a model that fires 5 arrows without delay for much more harm (on high of repairing the weapon). Rock Octoroks can even improve melee weapons with completely different advantages, from elevated assault to extra sturdiness, so it’s price searching for them out.

You get Savage Lynel Bows from White-Maned and Silver-Maned Lynels, which often hand around in the Gerudo Highlands Depths and the Lanaryu Wetlands Depths. They’re additionally within the Hyrule Citadel Depths, Lanaryu Nice Spring, and the Floating Coliseum within the Depths.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is offered for Nintendo Swap. Try our assessment right here for extra particulars.

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