The 10 Strongest Female Characters, Ranked

The 10 Strongest Female Characters, Ranked


  • The Seven Lethal Sins has a various and highly effective forged of feminine fighters, making it tough to rank them attributable to their power and talents.
  • The sequel, The 4 Knights of the Apocalypse, is predicted to carry again a number of the strongest feminine characters from the unique sequence to face new threats.
  • From Gerheade, the advisor to Fairy Kings, to Merlin, essentially the most highly effective magician within the sequence, the ladies of The Seven Lethal Sins showcase a variety of skills and play a major function within the franchise.

One of many causes The Seven Lethal Sins is such a profitable anime/manga franchise is that it has so many highly effective feminine fighters that even rating them will be tough. Greater than only one or two supporting characters, The Seven Lethal Sins’ forged is stuffed with sturdy girls. With The 4 Knights of the Apocalypse, the sequel to The Seven Lethal Sins, revealing its upcoming anime adaptation, followers of the manga already know there are big-name characters from the unique present that can make a reappearance.

Whereas the females of The Seven Lethal Sins, with few exceptions, haven’t made their cameos but, followers of each sequence are excited for the potential and nearly assured return of a number of the strongest feminine characters within the sequence, whose power and talents might be greater than required in opposition to new and previous foes who threaten the lands of Brittania. If 4 Knights of the Apocalypse wants a powerful lady from the unique sequence to return, it definitely has a variety of characters to choose from.

10 Gerheade

Although very aloof and reserved, Gerheade earned the belief of a number of Fairy Kings to behave as their advisor. After her older brother, the First Honest King Gloxinia’s disappearance, she was entrusted because the advisor to the Second Honest King Dahlia. When Harlequin “King” changed Dahlia because the Fairy King Gerheade equally acted as his advisor till his personal centuries-long disappearance.

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In addition to the Royal Fairy Clan members, Gerheade is the strongest fairy in the whole Fairy King’s Forest. She has demonstrated a mastery of plant manipulation magic that she will be able to use each defensively and offensively. And whereas in comparison with the remainder of the forged she is comparatively weak, she did survive via the First Holy Struggle that claimed numerous lives incomes her a good rank amongst The Seven Lethal Sins’ strongest girls.

9 Derieri Of Purity

Derieri Of Purity

Derieri is among the highest-ranking demons within the Demon Realm and was entrusted with a portion of the Demon King’s energy to do his bidding, with Derieri receiving the Commandment of Purity among the many different “Ten Commandments.” As a Demon, Derieri naturally possesses immense bodily endurance to face the drastic climate of purgatory and is basically immortal. Whereas her Commandment Purity doesn’t come into play within the sequence, the facility she acquired from it, when used with Combo Star which will increase her energy for every consecutive hit, Derieri turns into one of many bodily strongest characters within the sequence.

8 Elaine

Image of The Seven Deadly Sins character Elaine, the Guardian Spirit of the Fairy King's Forest and Protector of the Fountain of Youth with Ban.

Elaine is the youthful sister of “King” a.ok.a. Fairy King Harlequin and was entrusted because the Guardian Spirit of The Fountain of Youth in addition to defending the whole Fairy King’s Forest. Shortly after rising nearer to “Bandit Ban”, Elaine misplaced her life throughout a demon’s assault on the forest, selecting to save lots of Ban’s life and entrust him with the fountain. Elaine holds nice command over Wind Magic. After she was resurrected by Melascula, she simply defeated Jericho in her jealousy, proving herself to be one of many scariest yanderes in anime, even after Jericho had obtained energy via absorbing the blood of a purple demon. Elaine was additionally in a position to defeat a pair of assassins with Elizabeth after mistakenly coming into Drole and Gloxinia’s battle event, incomes her a good rank when it comes to strongest Seven Lethal Sins girls.

7 Melascula Of Religion

Image of The Seven Deadly Sins character and member of The 10 Commandments, Melascula of Faith.

After bathing within the Demon Realm’s miasma for 1000’s of years, Melascula grew from a small snake right into a colossal white cobra, which she will be able to remodel into at will as a substitute of her humanoid look. Seeing her potential, the Demon King bequeathed to her the Commandment of Religion and added her to The ten Commandments. Whereas possessing the power of a Demon, Melascula’s power lies in her darkish skills. By means of Hell Gate, which permits her to teleport, and Cage of Darkness, which traps her opponent in a cocoon of darkish power that slowly destroys them, she will be able to rapidly seize and destroy her opponent with most being helpless to withstand her.

6 Gelda

Image of The Seven Deadly Sins character and Vampire Royal Gelda smiling lovingly.

Gelda is a Royal Member of the Vampire Clan and the lover of Zeldris, the most effective energy {couples} in anime, Meliodas’ youthful brother. After Meliodas betrayed the Demon Clan, the Vampire Clan tried to defect from the Demon King’s rule, although the rise up was rapidly defeated and Gelda sealed away. It’s later revealed that Zeldris’ hatred of Meliodas was attributable to him considering Meliodas had killed Gelda when truly he had merely sealed her away.

As a Vampire, Gelda possesses immortality, psychokinesis, and a few type of hearth manipulation. In the course of the occasions of The Seven Lethal Sins Film 2: Cursed By Mild, Gelda confirmed her capacity to combat on equal floor with Elizabeth, and was at one level in a position to efficiently rescue Zeldris from the Demon King’s thoughts management when Elizabeth and Meliodas have been unable to take action.

5 Matrona “Fang Of The Nice Earth”

Image of The Seven Deadly Sins character Matrona Fang of the Great Earth dancing at Diane's wedding.

Matrona is the previous chief of the Jap Large Clan and was Diane’s combating teacher. Regardless of Diane’s distaste for combating, Matrona skilled her brutally in preparation for a lifetime of combating in an try and nurture her abilities. Matrona’s “loss of life” was blamed on Diane with the cost being the “envy of Matrona’s abilities” which Diane accepted as she believed herself to be the reason for her “loss of life.”

Earlier than Diane misplaced her reminiscence, Matrona was already identified far and vast for her distinctive power and battle prowess, even defeating and killing the Chief of the Western Large Clan Dumblebas. When Diane as soon as once more finds Matrona, she has solely grown stronger via her utilization of Dolore’s Dance, which dramatically will increase her energy and magic making her power second solely to Diane. All this provides as much as giving Matrona a fairly respectable rating amongst Seven Lethal Sins’ strongest girls.

4 Diane “Serpent’s Sin Of Envy”

Image of The Seven Deadly Sins character and Sins member, The Serpernt's Sin of Envy Diane, posing cutely in front of a yellow checkered background.

Diane is the one feminine member of the Seven Lethal Sins moreover Merlin, the one member of the Large Clan inside the Sins, and some of the anticipated cameos in The 4 Knights of the Apocalypse, some of the needed anime manga variations. Whereas initially jealous of the eye Elizabeth receives from Meliodas, she rapidly turns into finest mates with Elizabeth together with her loyalty to her solely equal to her loyalty to Meliodas.

Whereas Diane loses in battle expertise to Matrona, her place as Large Queen, bequeathed to her by Dolore, and her sacred Treasure Gideon, makes her the strongest big within the sequence. Along with her mastery of the Dance of Dolore, the earth skills, and assaults she will be able to use via Gideon amplify in energy to the purpose the place even high-ranking demons do not dare to take her assaults head-on.

3 Hawk Mama

Image of The Seven Deadly Sins character Hawk Mama strolling along the fields of Brittania.

Hawk Mama is the Mom of Meliodas’ Bar, The Boar Hat Tavern’s, resident mascot, and Captain of the Scraps Brigade, Hawk. She additionally acts as transportation for the Sins when they’re touring round Brittania by carrying the whole Boar Hat Tavern on her again, giving it its iconic identify. As a creature from Purgatory, Hawk Mama possesses distinctive resilience. She has simply tanked direct assaults from the ten Commandments and has eaten Monspiet’s fire-based assault with no sick results. Whereas she shouldn’t be significantly dexterous, being a pig the dimensions of a small mountain, her bodily power with out magical boosting is the best within the entirety of The Seven Lethal Sins.

2 Elizabeth Liones

Image of The Seven Deadly Sins Third Princess of Liones, Elizabeth Liones cutely holding her head in her hand.

Elizabeth Liones is the adopted daughter of King Bartra Liones and the third princess of the Liones Kingdom. She was discovered within the devastated ruins of Danafor by Meliodas who requested Bartra to look after her so long as Meliodas might act as her guard and protector, although is later revealed to be his reincarnated lover and aside of considered one of anime’s cutest {couples}. When the Kingdom is in turmoil attributable to Bartra’s sickness, Elizabeth seeks out the seven lethal sins to ask for his or her assist in eradicating the corrupted Holy Knights from Liones.

Although primarily a non-combatant all through the anime, Elizabeth’s powers because the daughter of the Supreme Goddess are substantial. Her Ark, the strongest offensive magic of the Goddess race, has been proven to be on par with even Ludociel, the Chief of the 4 Archangels. Elizabeth additionally possesses the one strongest true therapeutic magic, saving and reviving a whole military constantly as they fought recklessly considering themselves invincible.

1 Merlin “Boar’s Sin Of Gluttony”

Image of The Seven Deadly Sins character and member of the Sins, The Boar's Sin of Gluttony, Merlin.

Merlin is the strategist and essentially the most clever member of The Seven Lethal Sins. Merlin is essentially the most completed and highly effective magician in the whole Seven Lethal Sins sequence. Nevertheless, her fixed experimentation and disconnect from others have typically led her to make merciless selections, typically to the detriment of her fellow Sins.

As a Mage, Merlin is so highly effective she has even defeated the Demons Chandler and Cusack who simply defeated the remainder of the sins, and even the Archangel Chief Ludociel would not dare decide a combat together with her. Merlin is able to utilizing Excellent Dice which creates an unbreakable barrier, besides in opposition to the magic she created Absolute Cancel, which destroys all magic. She was even in a position to develop the Magic Infinity which stops her personal time making her immortal and can be utilized to make her already devastating spells even stronger.

Trendy Shonen has positioned a substantial amount of significance on vast supporting casts with attention-grabbing skills, and The Seven Lethal Sins isn’t any exception. With powers starting from sheer power to uncooked magic, the sequence’ girls rank among the many strongest characters in the whole franchise. Rating The Seven Lethal Sins’ strongest girls reveals simply how highly effective the sequence’ forged actually is.

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