The Final Shape Takes Players Inside The Traveler For A Fight 10 Years In The Making

The Final Shape Takes Players Inside The Traveler For A Fight 10 Years In The Making

Picture: Bungie

At present we obtained our first take a look at The Remaining Form, the final growth in Future 2‘s “Gentle and Darkness” saga that was first set in movement again in 2014. It arrives February 27, 2024, and it’s trying nice to date.

As revealed throughout Future 2‘s annual showcase, The Remaining Form will take gamers inside The Traveler, the enormous house ball they’ve spent virtually a decade gazing, as they attempt to forestall a nefarious cosmic entity generally known as The Witness from utilizing The Traveler’s Gentle to do horrible issues. The supply of the ability it’s after is a location known as the Pale Coronary heart, which Bungie is asking Future’s first linear journey.

Right here’s the teaser trailer:

The sport’s builders describe the Pale Coronary heart as a shape-shifting labyrinth that begins on the ruins of Destiny 1‘s Tower, and ultimately shifts to lethal locales the place issues get turned the wrong way up and the principles of physics get twisted. The Pale Coronary heart will even be filled with a brand new enemy kind known as Enforcers. These Witness henchmen will wield Darkness powers like Stasis and Strand, and in apply they appear like a mashup of The Witch Queen’s Gentle-powered Hive and Lightfall’s scyth-carrying Tormentors.

Gamers will even get entry to new Photo voltaic, Void, and Arc supers for every class. Void Titans will throw magic axes that get lodged within the floor and explode. Arc Hunters will get an electrical quarter employees that lets it blink ahead, buff close by allies, and carry out combating game-like strikes on enemies.

And or course there are new Unique weapons, together with returning gear from Future 1 just like the Dragon’s Breath rocket launcher and Crimson Demise pulse rifle. New Exotics embrace a gun you possibly can suck your grenade into and one that may swap between dealing harm and therapeutic allies.


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