The Largest Gaming Information For December 16, 2022

It the last weekend before Christmas, so while I’d like to imagine you’re all relaxing at home, some of you will probably be doing some last-minute shopping. Make sure not to miss out on all of today’s biggest gaming news if you are though, which includes the confirmation that Ash & Pikachu are officially being retired next year.

We’re getting two new protagonists for the new series, one of which is speculated to be the daughter of Ash, while Guerilla Games has confirmed a multiplayer Horizon game is currently in development. For all the details.We’ll start off with Pokemon, as now that Ash & Pikachu have become the very best like no one ever was, they’re heading off to greener pastures. A new animated series was announced earlier today, confirming that the duo we all know and love is being retired to be replaced with two new protagonists that are called Riko and Roy in Japan. Ash is getting an 11 episode epilogue season to see himself out though, which airs on January 23, 2023 in Japan.

While we don’t even know when the new series will air, there’s already intense specualtion surrounding its main characters, specifically the young girl called Riko. In the only image of the two, Riko can be seen in the forefront wearing a green hair clip that looks extremely similar to the logo on Ash’s iconic cap from Indigo League. With just that one little detail, Pokemon fans have already lept to the conclusion that this new series will feature a time skip and that Riko is potentially Ash’s daughter.Horizon is an incredibly successful series for Guerilla Games, so the news that a new game is in development probably isn’t a shock to most people. What is surprising is that the developer recently confirmed that it’s working on an online co-op Horizon game that will be “stylised” and feature a whole cast of new characters.

Games featuring Aloy will still be made, but it seems like Guerilla is experimenting with something a little different.With the amount of delays we’ve seen over the past couple of years due to the pandemic, any highly-anticipated game going gold is a worthy enough reason to celebrate. That’s exactly what the upcoming Dead Space remake has done, a whole month ahead of its launch on January 27, 2023. This means that the game is officially on a disc and that development will now focus on fine-tuning and polish.

We’ve got a nice, wholesome story to finish things off, as it’s been revealed that Magic: The Gathering’s Pride Across the Multiverse Secret Lair has raised an impressive $1.3 million for LGBTQ charity The Trevor Project. Not only that, the Secret Lair apparently sold over 60,000 packs between May and June 2022, making it the best-selling charitable product ever produced for Wizards of the Coast.We’ve all played a lot of video games this year, brought to us by a wonderful array of gaming studios.

Sometimes, gamers struggle to separate the idea of ‘a studio’ from ‘the workers’. When developers complain about poor working conditions, low pay, massive crunch, or the other cavalcade of issues in gaming, gamers shout at them for being lazy devs. Shut up and dribble, except don’t dribble, get back to making games. However, when a game is good, gamers are full of praise for their favourite studios. Not really the people who work there. Just, like, the building with a logo on it.

So, with that in mind, here are the best presents to get some of those gaming studios this year.Ubisoft can make some good games, but every game it makes, no matter the scope or genre, is always inescapably a Ubisoft game. The studio only ever learns from itself, and by ‘learns’, I mean ‘paste the same map markers across every inch of the map because some algorithm said that was the best method of player retention’. With only a little bit of inspiration from elsewhere, maybe the games could kick on beyond algorithmic outdated 80-hour time sinks.Zing! No, but like, seriously.

Microsoft is on a mission to buy up every studio in existence, and it’s clear that all it wants for Christmas is a good exclusive. It hasn’t had a good once since – whisper it – Sunset Overdrive. Maybe 2023 will be its year.Speaking of Microsoft buying up every studio, the whole affair has boiled down almost entirely to Call of Duty. Xbox, despite spending $70 billion on owning Activision Blizzard King, whose most culturally relevant property is Call of Duty, now has to convince every court in the world that Call of Duty is a stinky poopoo game that nobody wants to play.

Conversely, Sony has made its name off prestige exclusive titles that have blown Xbox out of the water, and frequently has exclusivity deals for Call of Duty content. It now has to convince every court in the world that only meanies and bullies keep exclusive games. Why doesn’t Sony take Call of Duty, and Xbox gets The Last of Us, God of War, and Ghost of Tsushima. Then Sony is free of the weight of exclusives forever. A perfect white elephant.

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