The MCU’s Most Controversial Villain Twist Can Finally Save An Original Avenger

The MCU’s Most Controversial Villain Twist Can Finally Save An Original Avenger

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  • Hulk’s character growth within the MCU was minimize brief, leaving an absence of closure for the superhero’s story.
  • The MCU can take inspiration from Scarlet Witch’s character arc in WandaVision to deliver again a scarier and extra monstrous model of Hulk.
  • Making Hulk a brief villain wouldn’t solely be narratively becoming but in addition permit the MCU to repay the character’s journey and supply a satisfying conclusion.

Although loads of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have already discovered a satisfying ending within the MCU, one unique group member has been a bit caught in narrative limbo. Nonetheless, thanks to a couple MCU Part 4 initiatives, Marvel Studios has an ideal template to deliver this hero again to prominence and provides them the satisfying closure they deserve. The films of the MCU timeline have achieved an unprecedented job growing dozens of characters over a number of initiatives, and given the Herculean dimension of the Marvel film universe on huge and small screens, it is no shock a number of have fallen a bit by the wayside.

Sadly, one such character is Bruce Banner and his alter-ego, the Hulk. Whereas the gamma-powered hero underwent a satisfying narrative journey from The Unbelievable Hulk via Avengers: Endgame, Hulk and Banner discovered widespread floor off-camera, robbing audiences of what ought to have been the end result of over a decade of growth. Luckily, “Sensible Hulk” continues to be alive and lively within the MCU, and the franchise has already explored an ideal avenue to repair Hulk’s narrative slip-up and provides the hero a correctly climactic send-off.


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The MCU Can Repeat Scarlet Witch’s Villain Flip With Hulk

One of many issues that made Hulk so compelling within the early years of the MCU – and what retains him compelling in Marvel Comics – is that he is typically simply as terrifying and harmful as Marvel’s villains. Certainly, the primary two Avengers films featured no less than one scene of Hulk shedding management, all necessary moments on Bruce’s presumed journey to discover a strategy to dwell together with his different half long run. Provided that, it is extremely disappointing that the character-defining second occurred off-screen. Sensible Hulk, whereas wonderful as a charcter in his personal proper, looks like an unearned ending, and the extra savage Hulk by no means obtained the epic last send-off he deserves.


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Luckily, Scarlet Witch’s heel-turn via WandaVision and Physician Unusual within the Multiverse of Insanity can be the right blueprint to deliver again a scarier, extra monstrous Hulk. Whereas controversial as a bookend to Wanda’s post-Endgame grief, making Hulk the villain of a film can be narratively applicable and provide a “do-over” to make up for Bruce and Hulk’s huge character unification occurring off-camera.

Why Making Hulk A Short-term Villain Fixes The Character’s Story

Scarlet Witch performed the position of momentary antagonist in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Hulk has equally been established as a personality with the potential to trigger nice hurt. It isn’t far-fetched to think about a villain may discover a strategy to disturb the symbiosis between Banner and Hulk, once more placing them at odds and in want of reconciliation. Doing so could appear to tread acquainted floor however would as an alternative permit the MCU to repay Banner’s 15+ yr character journey.

There are many upcoming films that appear like a superb match for this regression, too. Captain America: Courageous New World already options a number of characters from The Unbelievable Hulk, like Betty and Thaddeus Ross. As such, it will be the right undertaking to deliver Banner in, even when for some brief scenes, to arrange a Hulk-centric undertaking within the MCU Part 6. Thunderbolts can even assumedly function Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross, and basic Hulk could possibly be wanted if the previous lastly turns into Pink Hulk. This is able to give Hulk the ultimate epic combat he did not have Endgame and truly showcase how Bruce lastly re-comes to show together with his violent different half.

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