The Witcher Season 3 Officially Introduces The Wild Hunt’s True Enemy (Not Ciri Or Geralt)

The Witcher Season 3 Officially Introduces The Wild Hunt’s True Enemy (Not Ciri Or Geralt)

The Wild Hunt is extra current in The Witcher season 3, however this season additionally introduces their actual enemy – and it’s not Ciri or Geralt. The universe of The Witcher is kind of intensive and wealthy, and it has all varieties of creatures coexisting with people. Netflix’s The Witcher has already tailored many monsters and creatures from Andrzej Sapkowski’s books and even some from the video video games, but it surely hasn’t actually delved into the rivalries between completely different species past the battle between elves and people. Nonetheless, this would possibly change quickly, as The Witcher season 3 is introducing an necessary character.

The Witcher season 2 revealed that numerous teams throughout the Continent are searching for Ciri resulting from her Elder blood, which advantages them in numerous methods. The Witcher season 3 lastly noticed Geralt, Ciri, and Yennefer collectively and doing their greatest to remain protected, however Half 1 noticed the start of the Thanedd Coup, which may have main repercussions on this universe. Ciri just isn’t protected anyplace, and amongst her enemies is the Wild Hunt, which made an look in season 3 Half 1, however the closing episodes of the season will introduce a strong ally and an enemy of the Wild Hunt: Ihuarraquax, the unicorn.

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The Witcher Season 3, Half 2 Introduces A Unicorn – Ihuarraquax Defined

Among the many many creatures that reside within the universe of The Witcher are unicorns, and one, particularly, is necessary in Ciri’s story. Unicorns in The Witcher seem like the traditional picture of those creatures, however on this universe, they’re multidimensional beings in a position to journey the multiverse. Unicorns don’t like those that use Energy and often kill these they understand to be harmful, although in some circumstances, they assist and information lesser beings in fulfilling their future. Throughout the occasions of Time of Contempt, Ciri meets Ihuarraquax, a younger, white unicorn wandering the Korath desert. Throughout the Thanedd Coup, Ciri escapes via a portal in Tor Lara and lands within the Korath desert, the place she barely manages to remain alive.

Ciri names Ihuarraquax “Little Horse” and is ready to survive the acute situations of the Korath desert due to her new buddy. Ciri and Ihuarraquax are key to one another’s survival, as Ihuarraquax leads her to water and meals, and Ciri makes use of the magic discovered within the fireplace to save lots of Ihuarraquax after he’s poisoned by a sand monster. Ihuarraquax makes a closing look in The Witcher’s closing novel, The Girl of the Lake, the place he seems proper on time to assist Ciri escape from the Aen Elle and later at a vital second in her, Geralt, and Yennefer’s story.

Unicorns In The Witcher Are Pure Enemies Of The Wild Hunt

The Wild Hunt in The Witcher season 3, part 1

Unicorns have their very own society organized in a selected approach, and it’s led by a council of elders. Unicorns talk via easy communication like “affirmation” or “negation” and confer with much less superior races merely as “Beings”. Along with despising those that use Energy and killing harmful beings (in accordance with their very own standards), Unicorns strongly dislike the Aen Elle. These are elves inhabiting one other world on account of the Conjunction of the Spheres, however after they arrived at this new world, they encountered the Unicorns, who already lived there. The Aen Elle are in fixed struggle with the Unicorns, because the Aen Elle need their pure energy to journey via area and time, as they possessed this identical means earlier than the Conjunction of the Spheres.

The Aen Elle are the creators of the Wild Hunt, a calvary unit whose goal is to invade different worlds and seize younger humanoids to make use of as their slaves. A while later, the Unicorns took the Gate of the Worlds away from the Aen Elle, and the elves misplaced their entry to space-time journey. The elves partially recovered it, so the Wild Hunt needed to change their ways with a view to proceed invading different worlds. So as to add extra to the battle between Unicorns and the Aen Elle, Ihuarraquax helped Ciri escape from the elves.

Unicorns Add To The Witcher’s Multiverse Setup

Yennefer, Ciri, and Geralt

The Witcher is a part of the multiverse development presently plaguing movie and TV, although its multiverse is extra complicated than most. The Netflix collection already gave the viewers a style of the multiverse on the finish of season 2, when Ciri unintentionally transported herself, Yennefer, and Geralt to the Voleth Meir’s dwelling world. There they noticed the Wild Hunt and witnessed how the Voleth Meir joined them, so The Witcher will certainly see extra of the multiverse within the close to future. The presence of Unicorns not solely provides extra battle to the storyline of Ciri and the Wild Hunt (and provides the princess a strong ally) but additionally permits the collection to additional discover the multiverse and the way touring via these completely different worlds works.

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