Thor’s All-God, All-Thor Team Officially Return as Marvel’s Most Powerful Heroes

Thor’s All-God, All-Thor Team Officially Return as Marvel’s Most Powerful Heroes


  • Immortal Thor #5 options the debut of an all-new Thor Corps, with Storm, Jane Foster, Beta Ray Invoice, and Loki teaming up with Thor to face the brutal Toranos.
  • The battle will outline Thor and the destiny of the universe.
  • This thrilling storyline written by Al Ewing encompasses a various and spectacular show of may, with fan-favorite characters returning, together with Storm along with her Asgardian armor and highly effective weapon Stormcaster.

An all-new Thor Corps debuts in Immortal Thor #5, with Storm, Jane Foster, Beta Ray Invoice, and Loki all teaming up alongside the enduring Thor. This highly effective new Thor Corps might want to tackle the brutal Toranos, historical uncle to Thor and the Elder God of Thunder.

Marvel’s reveal of the all-new Thor Corps in Immortal Thor #5, from author Al Ewing and artist Martín Cóccolo, contains the disclosing of a beautiful cowl by Alex Ross, which options Thor Odinson main his military of variant Thors into battle in opposition to the “God of the Superstorm.” Commenting on the story, Ewing made positive to spotlight that Eric Masterson, the human who grew to become the Thor hero Thunderstrike, just isn’t within the new Thor Corps after his loss of life in 1995’s Thunderstrike #24. The solicit for Immortal Thor #5 reveals:

Toranos has returned—and to face him, the King of Asgard has gathered his military. But when even a military of storm gods couldn’t cease the Elder God of Thunder…what then? That is the story of the Immortal Thor… and the battle that may outline him.

The All-New Thor Corps Should Defeat A Terrifying Elder God

Immortal Thor #1 First Appearance of Toranos, an Elder God that Thor must defeat

Immortal Thor is the second Immortal title that the sensible Ewing has written, after the massively profitable Immortal Hulk, and his new sequence offers in quintessential Excessive Fantasy ideas, counting on basic Greek mythology from the beginning of the sequence. Immortal Thor #1 focuses on the return of Utgard, the place a bunch of Elder Gods was imprisoned by Thor’s mom Gaea, their sister. Gaea has now launched Toranos, in addition to Utgard-Loki, to check her son Thor for the destiny of the universe.

As Toranos battles Thor throughout the cosmos, it’s clear that the God of Thunder just isn’t besting the Elder God as rapidly as he would hope, so he calls upon former allies from throughout Earth-616. Ross’ gorgeous cowl depicts Thor main a Mjolnir-wielding Loki, Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor, Beta Ray Invoice with Stormbreaker, and Ororo Munroe with Stormcaster, final seen turning to mud in 2018’s X-Males: Gold #35.

A Thor Corps Was Final Seen In Secret Wars’ Battleworld

The Thor Corps in Marvel Comics Secret Wars, battling on Battleworld

The unique Thor Corps was made up of Eric Masterson, Beta Ray Invoice, and the longer term Thor Dargo, however this group has not been operational since 1993’s Thor Corps #4. The final time a Thor Corps as various and distinctive as this one was seen was in 2015’s Secret Wars occasion when God Emperor Doom used a large Thor Corps as his private police drive on Battleworld, together with Earth-616 variations of Jane Foster and Odinson. Now, Earth-616’s new Thor Corps is in for a serious battle, and will probably be fascinating to see what function Thor’s brother Loki has, whose true intentions have but to be revealed in Immortal Thor.

Marvel has revealed little about how precisely these 4 former Thors are referred to as to Odinson’s aspect, however it’s clear that if this military of Thors is unable to defeat Toranos, there may be not a lot else within the Marvel Universe that would. Be certain to take a look at Immortal Thor #5 to see Storm, Beta Ray Invoice, Loki, and Jane Foster battling alongside Thor, in Marvel’s latest iteration of the highly effective Thor Corps.

Immortal Thor #5 from Marvel Comics debuts on December thirteenth, 2023.

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