Useless Magikarp Is One Of The Most Valuable New Pokémon Cards

Useless Magikarp Is One Of The Most Valuable New Pokémon Cards

Yup, to the shock of completely nobody, the preferred, highest-priced card in all of Paldea Developed is the Iono particular illustration uncommon. Though, fortunately, not practically as extremely priced as its Japanese equal.

It’s unimaginable to overstate simply what an enormous deal this card was in Japan. When it was launched as a part of the Clay Burst set in April ‘23, not solely did all of Clay Burst promote out, however all Japanese Pokémon playing cards bought out. So huge was the brouhaha over this one piece of cardboard that individuals purchased completely something with the phrase Pokémon on the packaging. And the fuss nonetheless hasn’t died down, with the Japanese model nonetheless costing $1,124 to purchase ungraded. That’s regardless of print-to-order runs of Clay Burst in response to the push, and packs now promoting at common costs, even by way of importers.

However for the English-language model? It’s a much more modest, but nonetheless frankly ridiculous, $120. Store round and you may get nearer to $100, however yikes. And if you’d like one graded PSA 10, that’s at present promoting at round $650.

What’s nice about this, nevertheless, is that it’s simply an all-round nice card. It’s (as described beforehand) a stellar card to have in any deck (though you’d be fairly mad to threat taking part in this model), but it surely’s additionally a improbable piece of artwork. Not solely do you’ve got on-line influencer Iono—and her totally terrifying pointy tooth—however she’s surrounded by Pokémon-themed meals, together with what appears like an Eevee-topped cappuccino, and, um, Pikachu with pancakes and ice cream? I’m assuming that’s only a useless Pikachu that the clearly vampiric coach gruesomely murdered earlier.

I particularly love the element of the Rotom telephone hovering, out of focus, over the correct facet of the in any other case unbroken border. That is by kirisAki, an artist who’s been engaged on Pokémon playing cards way back to 2013’s Legendary Treasures, and is answerable for the enduring Professor’s Analysis playing cards for Scarlet & Violet. She’s illustrated a complete of 188 playing cards to date, and can be answerable for the wonderful Sacred Type Gardevoir in Pokémon Unite!

It’s no Magikarp, but it surely’s a splendid card to be topping the gross sales charts.


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