What Are Burners? Walking Dead’s New Zombie Type Explained

What Are Burners? Walking Dead’s New Zombie Type Explained

Warning: spoilers forward for Daryl Dixon.


  • Burner zombies within the Strolling Useless have acidic pores and skin and blood, which makes them extraordinarily harmful and differentiates them from common zombies.
  • The origins of Burner zombies are nonetheless unclear, however it’s instructed that they might be the results of both publicity to chemical compounds in a meals processing plant or a artifical zombie experiment.
  • Burners are only one sort of variant zombie within the Strolling Useless universe, and their introduction opens up the likelihood for different distinctive and harmful zombie sorts in future installments of the franchise.

A brand new zombie variant seems in The Strolling Useless: Daryl Dixon, leaving many questions unanswered about these formidable “Burners.” For many of The Strolling Useless‘s timeline, zombies have been sluggish to maneuver and straightforward to foretell, however the franchise is step by step ripping up its undead rule e-book. The Strolling Useless: World Past‘s sequence finale launched “variant cohorts” – zombies that have been sooner, stronger, and extra clever. The Strolling Useless season 11’s ending then followed-up by displaying zombies that would climb ladders, seize knives, and use rocks as weapons. These variant zombies lastly defined in canon why some undead in The Strolling Useless season 1 have been sooner or cleverer than others.

Surprisingly, The Strolling Useless: Useless Metropolis ignored variants fully, however Daryl Dixon wastes no time pushing the zombie envelope. Earlier than the opening credit have even rolled, Norman Reedus’ titular hero stumbles throughout zombies that burn his pores and skin with a single contact. Their veins pulse grotesquely, and their blood smokes like acid when it hits the bottom. Though such zombies have by no means appeared in The Strolling Useless media beforehand, Clémence Poésy’s Isabelle names them as “Burners.” This revelation opens an entire raft of zombie mysteries for The Strolling Useless, however some solutions can already be inferred.

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Burner Zombies Have Acidic Pores and skin & Blood

The Burners proven in Daryl Dixon episode 1 don’t seem to own the everyday variant powers of intelligence, pace, or energy proven beforehand. As a substitute, their trademark is acidic blood and pores and skin – therefore the title. From the coursing CGI veins within the Burner’s head and the fizzle of chemical smoke that emerges from the entrails Daryl’s weapon drips on the bottom, a Burner’s blood seems to be the supply of their energy.

Since rotting zombie flesh is so skinny, the Burners’ acidic blood seemingly penetrates the flesh and impacts their pores and skin, which might clarify why Daryl will get badly burned when one in every of these variants grabs his arm. No matter a Burner’s blood incorporates that makes them so poisonous is seeping by to the skin of the corpse. Exactly why Burner zombies have pulsating veins at the moment stays a thriller in The Strolling Useless. The impact could also be nothing greater than an aesthetic option to visually differentiate Burners from common zombies, or this may be related to the explanation zombies develop into Burners within the first place.

How Burner Zombies Are Created In The Strolling Useless

Zombie injected in Daryl Dixon Walking Dead

Whereas Daryl Dixon episode 1 doesn’t explicitly reveal how Burners are created, the episode does drop clues that invite a number of intriguing potentialities. Firstly, the one Burners Daryl encounters in episode 1 are inside some form of meals processing plant. Provided that this facility seemingly incorporates chemical compounds, it appears believable that native zombies might have been affected by the noxious atmosphere. Maybe regular zombies trapped contained in the manufacturing unit inhaled fumes or got here into contact with substances that gave their insides corrosive properties. Such publicity would kill a dwelling individual, however zombies do not need to concern themselves with such minutiae.

Elsewhere, Daryl Dixon implies Burners might be artifical. The spinoff’s opening credit embrace a textbook with an annotated diagram of a zombie. Translated from French to English, the annotations embrace phrases similar to “management the lifeless” and “level of entry.” Stranger nonetheless, the image within the textbook matches the image Daryl Dixon‘s villains have on their autos. Then, in episode 1’s ultimate scene, Genet’s physician colleague refers to “check topics.” Moreover, Daryl Dixon trailer footage revealed a masked zombie with pulsating veins similar to the Burners being injected with some unknown substance.

These clues add as much as recommend Burners might be the results of a zombie experiment – a idea supported by The Strolling Useless: World Past‘s sequence finale, through which a mysterious French character claimed the scientists answerable for the outbreak of “made it worse” in a clear allusion to variants. A ultimate trace that Burners are a organic creation, moderately than the results of a chemical accident or pure evolution, comes from Isabelle. The nun speaks as if Burners – or Brûlant, as she calls them – are widespread in France, making it unlikely they’re unique to the constructing Daryl ventured into.

Are There Different Variants In France? Strolling Useless Says Sure

Isabelle looking down at Daryl in The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon

One other telling line of dialogue from Daryl Dixon episode 1 all however confirms Burners should not the one variants on the town. Isabelle, nonetheless very a lot in exposition mode, informs Daryl that Burners are “only one sort” of zombie. The nun’s warning acts as a crystal-clear message that whereas Burners might fall below The Strolling Useless‘s variant umbrella, their acidic powers are only one pressure out of many, which might clarify why variants noticed beforehand within the franchise demonstrated totally different skills.

Studying between Isabelle’s traces, Burners can maybe now be formally added to The Strolling Useless‘s rising record of distinctive zombie sorts. There are climbers, as seen in The Strolling Useless season 11, the runners from The Strolling Useless: World Past, and now the Burners from Daryl Dixon. Isabelle’s warning additionally opens the door for an array of differing variant sorts to seem in future The Strolling Useless tasks, placing no restrict on the distinctive properties undead can develop because the franchise unfolds.

Why Burner Zombies Aren’t In The Essential Strolling Useless TV Present

Theory - Rick Grimes was always a CRM experiment

One of many foremost questions that arises on account of Daryl Dixon‘s Burners is why these corrosive corpses by no means appeared all through 11 complete seasons of The Strolling Useless, nor any of the franchise’s US-based spinoffs. The presence of variants in the US has been confirmed, so Burners ought to, in idea, be amongst them. The reply to this query will inextricably be tied to the key behind how variants developed within the first place however, as soon as once more, Daryl Dixon presents sufficient info to make knowledgeable guesses about why Burners have been absent from The Strolling Useless till now.

If Burners are a product of the manufacturing unit Daryl discovered them lurking in throughout Daryl Dixon episode 1, then the explanation they have not been sighted on American shores is clear. Within the extra seemingly occasion that variants are artifical, The Strolling Useless has already answered the query. World Past‘s canon-shaking post-credits scene confirmed the Strolling Useless virus was made in France, then closely implied variants have been the results of subsequent experiments by the scientists accountable. As such, variants would naturally be extra widespread in France, the place they originated, than different areas of the world.

One or two may need slipped by the web, or maybe been shipped to the US deliberately, which might account for the few variants seen in The Strolling Useless‘s fundamental present, however France seems rife with them. Isabelle’s “only one sort” line and blasé angle towards Daryl encountering a Burner additional help the concept that variants are crawling throughout France, however solely a small handful have ventured throughout the Atlantic. In all chance, Burners – and probably many different as-yet-unseen French variants – merely have not made that journey but.

How Burner Zombies Utterly Change The Strolling Useless

Norman Reedus in The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon.

The influence of Burners upon The Strolling Useless might be seismic. Because the franchise started, survivors have develop into accustomed to stabbing zombies and getting lined of their blood, or being grappled by undead and preventing their approach out. Each are unimaginable with Burners. Daryl not solely has to dispatch these fiery biters with out getting a drop of gunk on him, however he should keep away from their lava-like contact in any respect prices. Had Daryl not been inside the neighborhood of a convent full of useful nuns and medical provides – i.e. wherever else on the earth – he would have misplaced his arm, or worse, as the results of a single Burner contact.

With Burners, skin-to-skin contact is simply as deadly as a chunk. After 13 years of zombie apocalypse, culling undead has nearly develop into a routine chore in The Strolling Useless, however Burners flip the script, restoring zombies from a low-level background menace to lethal monsters that have to be feared. Burners additionally make a number of go-to tips of The Strolling Useless‘s survivors unimaginable. Rick Grimes’ zombie guts approach can’t be used if mentioned guts are hotter than a recently-microwaved pastry. Likewise, the Whisperers’ tactic of utilizing zombie skins as camouflage now not works, for the reason that pores and skin itself is now deadly. By debuting Burners, Daryl Dixon has modified The Strolling Useless‘s established order completely.

Daryl Dixon continues Sunday on AMC.

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