Where Are Luffy’s Parents In Netflix’s One Piece? Monkey Family Explained

Where Are Luffy’s Parents In Netflix’s One Piece? Monkey Family Explained

Warning: spoilers forward for Netflix’s One Piece and the anime and manga sequence.


  • Luffy’s mother and father are absent all through season 1 of Netflix’s One Piece, however his grandfather, Garp, performs a big position in his upbringing.
  • Season 2 will introduce Luffy’s father, Monkey D. Dragon, within the Loguetown arc, though it is unclear whether or not the paternal connection will probably be absolutely explored.
  • The thriller surrounding Luffy’s mom stays unresolved, however it’s more likely to be addressed sooner or later because the story progresses towards its conclusion.

Monkey D. Luffy will get into every kind of mischief throughout Netflix’s One Piece season 1, and his personal grandfather proves little higher, begging the query of the place Luffy’s mother and father are throughout all of this. Following the unique manga sequence by Eiichiro Oda, One Piece introduces Luffy as, primarily, an orphan. The kid has been roughly deserted in Windmill Village with solely a bar proprietor and a pirate crew to look at over him. Straying barely from the supply materials, Netflix’s One Piece reveals the id of Luffy’s grandfather, Monkey D. Garp, far earlier, displaying how the Marine vice-admiral had at the very least some extent of enter into his grandson’s upbringing.

Unusually, nevertheless, Luffy’s start mother and father are by no means talked about in One Piece season 1. No mom or father is referenced throughout Luffy’s flashback sequences, and even when he reunites with Garp in One Piece‘s current timeline, there isn’t any dialogue between grandfather and grandson concerning Luffy’s mother and father. The mere presence of Garp, nevertheless, proves that Luffy nonetheless has connections to his start household – not like Nami, for instance, who has no information of her organic family in any respect. Happily, certainly one of Luffy’s mother and father is probably going becoming a member of the live-action One Piece forged in season 2. Sadly, their arrival is not going to remedy the thriller utterly.

One Piece Season 2 Will Virtually Actually Introduce Luffy’s Father

The ultimate scene of One Piece season 1 introduces Captain Smoker – a Marine in command of capturing pirates as they cease in Loguetown on their solution to the Grand Line. Smoker’s debut closely suggests One Piece season 2 will make Loguetown certainly one of its first stops. Curiously, One Piece‘s Loguetown arc can also be the place Luffy’s father, Monkey D. Dragon, makes his first in-person look. Netflix’s live-action adaptation has proven shocking constancy to Eiichiro Oda’s story thus far, and if that genuine method continues, Luffy’s father is destined to debut in One Piece season 2.

Whether or not Netflix’s One Piece truly addresses the paternal connection between Dragon and Luffy is one other matter. Luffy has no thought who his father is within the authentic story, and over 1000 manga chapters later, the characters have nonetheless by no means interacted with one another instantly. With Netflix’s One Piece growing Garp’s position for live-action, nevertheless, the variation has proven sufficient flexibility to counsel it may make the looks of Luffy’s father in season 2 extra overt, if solely to fulfill viewers curiosity over the protagonist’s mother and father.

One Piece Nonetheless Hasn’t Revealed Luffy’s Mom

Inaki Godoy as Monkey D Luffy in One Piece

Whereas Luffy’s dad is all set to characteristic in One Piece season 2, Luffy’s mom is extra more likely to seem in One Piece season 22. On the present level in Eiichiro Oda’s story, Luffy’s maternal household has by no means been addressed or acknowledged. Quite a few characters have been theorized as potential candidates, however One Piece itself has provided no agency hints, clues, or particulars concerning who Monkey D. Dragon’s associate in child-making may need been.

Nonetheless, the thriller of Luffy’s mom will certainly be addressed by One Piece ultimately. As the principle story enters its last stage, all indicators level towards Dragon gaining growing prominence. An eventual assembly between Luffy and Dragon will inevitably be when particulars on Mrs. Monkey floor, though it appears desperately unlikely live-action One Piece will get that far with Axe-Hand Netflix notorious for wielding its Cancel Cancel Fruit.

Why Garp (Kind Of) Raised Luffy In Netflix’s One Piece

Vincent Regan as Garp in One Piece flashback

To say that Vice-Admiral Garp raised Luffy could be a gross overstatement, however One Piece‘s flashbacks do verify that Luffy’s grandfather made some try and convey the boy up. Since Luffy’s father remains to be alive, nevertheless, questions come up over precisely why these duties fell to Garp as an alternative of Dragon. The reply is quietly hidden away in One Piece‘s ending. When Kaya is Luffy’s needed poster within the newspaper, the alternative web page incorporates a report on the Revolutionary Military – a gaggle of rebels aiming to topple the World Authorities.

Monkey D. Dragon is the chief of this Revolutionary Military and, consequently, essentially the most needed man in One Piece. Dragon’s notoriety makes elevating a baby tough, that means Luffy was safer below the safety of his vice-admiral grandfather – even when Garp was principally hands-off. One other potential cause behind Dragon abandoning Luffy is the Monkey household trait of valuing friendship bonds over organic bonds. Regardless of being grandson and grandfather, Luffy and Garp share a strained, distant relationship. Within the One Piece manga, in the meantime, Luffy exhibits full indifference to studying his father’s id. Assuming Dragon shares these persona traits, conventional fatherhood might merely be past him.

One Piece is at the moment streaming on Netflix.

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