Where Does The Foam In Foamstars Come From? Kotaku Investigates

Where Does The Foam In Foamstars Come From? Kotaku Investigates

Sq. Enix’s new multiplayer shooter Foamstars is out now on PlayStation as part of PlayStation Plus, and there may be one query on the highest of all people’s thoughts. Not “is the sport good?” That appears to be a convincing no (try our impressions for extra on that). The query is: The place precisely does the froth in Foamstars come from? Earlier than the sport even launched, there have been many comparisons of the froth— which is used as a projectile in matches—to different, um, human bodily fluids.

Now that the sport is out, there are much more questions (and extra raunchy comparisons). Based mostly on Foamstars’ restricted story mode, loading display suggestions, and in-game dialogue, it seems that the froth is, in truth, bodily fluid produced by the sport’s protagonists. However the story could be a bit extra sophisticated than that.

The primary character gamers take management of is Soa, a pop idol and competitor within the Foamsmash match. In Soa’s story we study that as a younger woman, she actually hated her physique “for making foam.” Which means the manufacturing of froth is a bodily perform and foam is a bodily fluid, although Soa considering on the time that she was a freak additionally makes it clear that not everybody on this planet of Foamstars produces foam.

Screenshot: Sq. Enix

The Foamstars themselves all look like individuals who can produce and wield foam, although that is harnessed via particular foam/bubble weapons designed by scientists. Although evidently Soa is the one character who explicitly says she produces foam, the sport does loosely counsel that each one Foamstars produce foam, too, as all Foamsmash rivals use their distinctive foam skills.

And in case you learn into the sport’s mechanics far more than you need to within the hopes of gleaning any extra about foam manufacturing within the Foamstars universe, your curiosity could be piqued by one little element. As an alternative of reloading these foam weapons, there’s a liquid meter that’s depleted and replenished over time. How is it replenishing, precisely?

One factor that also confuses me is why it’s even known as foam within the first place. Soa is depicted as producing bubbles off of her physique in small flashback scenes as a child and bubbles are consistently referenced. Bubble weapons, bubble beasties, bubble vitality, Bubbleski, and Bathtub Vegas. It’s limitless. Bubble vitality is particularly complicated to me because it seems to be akin to nuclear energy on this planet of Foamstars, with the sport even exhibiting a large explosion as a hypothetical instance of what would occur if a bubble vitality core had been destroyed by bubble monsters. Is it foam or bubbles?

“Power Foam,” which is described as “a diluted type of bubble vitality that pervades our lives, enhanced for optimum aeration and most enjoyable,” suggests foam comes from bubbles. Power Foam additionally implies that scientists have discovered a strategy to harness bubble vitality and make it into weapons or, going with the nuclear energy comparability, that bubble vitality has mutated some individuals on this planet of Foamstars into X-Males-like beings who all have the identical energy—producing foam. Possibly it’s each! I’m nonetheless making an attempt to determine it out.

Did I miss any very important clues or tidbits from Foamstars that designate extra in regards to the foam or the world the sport takes place in? Please let me know. I’ve extra questions than solutions proper now.

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