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 Practically every film throughout the Star Wars saga underwent heavy modifications between the first draft of its script and its final theatrical decrease and usually, the modifications continued even previous that. Plot elements have been revised, subplots have been decrease, names have been modified, and characters have been added or eradicated. When George Lucas began work on Star Wars: Episode II – Assault of the Clones, a whole lot of the film’s story had been predetermined. It wanted to arrange the beginnings of the Clone Wars, Anakin and Padmé’s romance, and plant the seeds for the emergence of the Empire in Episode III. However, not each little factor was set in stone from the film’s first draft.

One in every of many key elements of Star Wars lore established in Assault of the Clones was the creation of the Republic’s Clone Army. Whereas the occasion of the Clones was manipulated by Darth Sidious and his apprentice, Rely Dooku, the film revealed that the Clones have been initially ordered by Jedi Grasp Sifo-Dyas. Little was revealed of Sifo-Dyas throughout the Star Wars prequels; plans to broaden on his historic previous in Episode III have been abandoned by George Lucas to take care of that film’s give consideration to Anakin Skywalker. His story would finally be instructed throughout the animated assortment Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Sifo-Dyas would go on to vary into in all probability essentially the most intriguing members of the Jedi Order. Nevertheless he nearly not at all existed.

Jedi Grasp Sifo-Dyas is best acknowledged to Star Wars followers as a result of the Jedi who initially positioned the order for the Clone Army, an influence that can serve the Republic and offers its title to the Clone Wars. Whereas he has change right into a persona of good thriller and intrigue in Star Wars canon, Sifo-Dyas was initially nothing higher than one different character’s false identification. In an early draft of the script for Assault of the Clones, the title of the Jedi Grasp who ordered the Clone Army was given as “Sido-Dyas.” This was speculated to be a less-than-subtle pseudonym for Darth Sidious.

On this early mannequin of the script, fairly than remarking that this mysterious Jedi Grasp had been killed throughout the time the order for the Clones was positioned, Obi-Wan Kenobi contacted the Council to ask within the occasion that they knew Sido-Dyas. Neither he nor they’ve been ever acutely aware of any Jedi by that title. In the long run though, Sido-Dyas was dropped from the script on account of a typo. At one stage in that early draft of Assault of the Clones, the title was mistakenly spelled “Sifo-Dyas.” George Lucas supposedly preferred the sound of this misspelling. Pretty than merely altering the Sith Lord’s false identification to Sifo-Dyas, Lucas rewrote the script to reference an entirely separate character — Jedi Grasp Sifo-Dyas.

Whereas he was not at all seen on show display screen, Sifo-Dyas gained notoriety from his mysterious operate in Assault of the Clones. The Star Wars film sees Obi-Wan Kenobi journey to the planet Kamino to adjust to a lead on a bounty hunter who has been employed to assassinate Senator Padmé Amidala. Upon arriving, Obi-Wan is shocked to be taught the cloners who operate on Kamino have been anticipating him; really, they’ve been prepared ten years for a Jedi to point out up and study their Clone Army. Obi-Wan is clearly confused and entails be taught that the order for a Clone Army was positioned by Jedi Grasp Sifo-Dyas, who was killed ten years prior to now.

Throughout the Clone Wars Season 6 episode “The Misplaced One,” it is revealed that Sifo-Dyas was killed by the Pyke crime syndicate on the orders of Rely Dooku. This revelation lastly alerts the Jedi Council to the reality that the Clone Army, ordered by Sifo-Dyas, has been engineered by Darth Sidious and Rely Dooku. The episode moreover reveals that Sifo-Dyas had the power of foresight and ordered the Clone Army when he foresaw the approaching battle. His insistence that the Republic improve a army was deemed too extreme a view by the Jedi Council, leading to Sifo-Dyas’ expulsion from their ranks.

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Launched as a part of Star Wars Celebration 2023, the trio of movies will span a time interval of 5000 years, stretching all through various eras of the galaxy far, far-off. Whereas particulars are nonetheless slim, thought of one in every of these is already titled Dawn of the Jedi and is likely to be directed by James Mangold. Whereas a specific launch date has however to be revealed, Lucasfilm confirmed it was aiming for December 2025. As for the other in-development duties, Dave Filoni’s Star Wars movie will act as a “climactic” event that may operate a major crossover for The Mandalorian, The E-book of Boba Fett and Ahsoka. The third movie is likely to be helmed by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and may adjust to Rey, as quickly as as soon as extra carried out by Daisy Ridley, as she makes an try to establish a model new Jedi order.

Addressing Dawn of the Jedi, Mangold described the movie as a “Biblical epic” that examines the origins of the Energy-using peacekeepers 25,000 years sooner than any canon Star Wars story. Particularly, the film will adjust to the first Jedi to essentially harness the Energy. “As soon as I first started chatting with [Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy] about doing thought of one in every of these footage, what occurred to me was fascinated about what kind of type of movie inside Star Wars I wanted to do,” the filmmaker talked about. “And I considered a Biblical epic, like a Ten Commandments, in regards to the dawning of the Energy. The place did the Energy come from, when did we uncover it, when did we uncover methods to make use of it?”

Speaking about Lucasfilm’s intention with these new productions, Kennedy well-known that the three movement footage won’t be a standard trilogy or saga nonetheless fairly carry out as a strategy to broaden the Star Wars universe in every path. As an example, the untitled enterprise starring Ridley’s Rey will occur 15 years after the Skywalker Saga, which concluded with The Rise of Skywalker in 2019. Furthermore, Filoni’s untitled attribute film will adjust to the rising battle between the Imperial Remnant and the New Republic. He’ll work on the Star Wars enterprise alongside producer Jon Favreau.

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